Day #3 with Ash

So far, I’ve been extremely happy with the Diamine Inkvent colors. Okay, I’ve only swatched two inks. There’s been a few OMG-moments especially when I apply water to my swatches.

Today, I was not surprised to see a true “standard” ink. Especially with an ink called Ash.

Inkvent Day #3: Diamine Ash

I just noticed Diamine’s labeling system includes the ink’s color on the label. Like this label shows an actual gray color.

Here’s my writing sample for Day #3. This is definitely a gray color. There is some shading and that’s about it.

When I add some water to my swatch card, that’s when I can see the ink’s personality.

Here’s a better view of my swatch. There’s a tiny bit of blue and a bit of blush undertone colors showing.

A quick pen & ink sketch on mixed media paper:

Overall this is an interesting ink color. With my stub 1.1 nib, the ink shows some shading qualities. I was on the fence when I first saw this color. As I’m using it more and more, it has grown on me.

Ink: Diamine Ash (standard)

Pen: TWSBI Swipe with Stub 1.1 nib

Journal: GLP Creations Tomoe River Paper (68gsm)

Paper: Grumbacher Mixed Media

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