Day #4…Wow!

No, that’s not the name of this ink. That’s my description when I swatched my card. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Inkvent Day #4: Diamine Tempest

I had a hard time locating door #4. As you can see the number is partially on the door and not in the center like the previous numbers.

Tempest is a dark blue shimmering ink.

My bottle is chock-full of shimmering particulates.

Here’s my writing sample and swatch. I made a mistake and wrote in the title below the wrong ink type. This is not a standard ink. It’s a shimmering ink as you can see. I was caught up in the moment with this ink color and not paying attention to what I was writing.

Looking straight down on my page I can see loads of shimmer.

At this angle…just WOW!

Let’s look at this from another angle.

My pen & ink sketch for today.

This is another gorgeous color. The best way I can describe this ink: dark blue with gold shimmers and a bit of pinky sheen. I can definitely see the pink sheen on my swatch card. This ink is definitely on my wish list. ūü§©

Ink: Diamine Tempest (shimmer)

Pens: TWSBI ECO Blue with Stub 1.1 nib. Automatic pen.

Journal: GLP Creations with TRP (68gsm)

Paper: Grumbacher Mixed Media

3 thoughts on “Day #4…Wow!”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to record your observations and for sharing them. I was really impressed with the swatch I created before walking off to have breakfast and to let it dry – not quite at the level of your own, but impressive enough. The writing though (yes – I did agitate before starting…) was just “meh”. Could have been Herbin’s Bleu des Profondeurs. I love how you managed to get lots of shimmer in the text of your swatch and the TR notebook. I was using Clairefontaine, so maybe that’s the issue… but paper is usually a sheen modifier rather than for shimmer. Oh well… still got more than 11ml to play with!

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    1. You are so welcome! Thanks for sharing your inky experiences. My writing samples and swatchings have been interesting. Before starting this, I was on the fence as to inking up 25 pens or using my glass dip for writing. I decided to use my Stub nibs for the more interesting inks and use my glass pen for basic inks. I’m finding my Stubs work best to show off shimmer and sheen.

      For my color swatches, I use an Automatic pen (3A) instead of using cotton swabs. This pen has two blades that captures the ink in between and I just “paint” out the colors on my card. I have to dip a few times to cover the bottom half of my card. I also add tiny drops of water so I can see the inks real characteristics (underlying colors and sheen). That helps me to see if the ink would be good to use in my sketches.

      I used my Conklin Duragraph with Omniflex nib on another color and I had a hard time getting the ink out of the tiny bottle. I had to tilt the bottle a bit to get some ink out. When I dip my nib all the way into the tiny bottle, I manage to get a lot of the shimmering particulates into my pen. So far, no clogging. ūüėÉ

      Before you shake your bottle, do you see any shimmers at the bottom of your bottle?


      1. Oh for sure there’s shimmer in there. I just wrote dry a 1.1mm stub with Herbin’s Caroube de Chypre with a similarly underwhelming experience. I normally store my pens nib-up, and then agitate them before writing with shimmer, to get it suspended evenly. I found if I store them nib down and don’t agitate I get an overload of shimmer for a couple of words then nothing – so it’s definitely a function of the feed rather than presence in the ink per se.

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