Part of my sketching ritual includes pushing and challenging myself to create something different. Sometimes that means sketching something that makes me uncomfortable or something I have not done before. I was going through my collection of pictures and saw one that I took of three candles that made up a still life. It was a picture I used for a photography lesson I was teaching on social media a few years back.

The still life photo involved glass candle holders of different shapes and sizes and colorful sea glass. Instead of tackling all three glass candle holders in the same sketch, I decided to do one at a time. That way I could focus on one shape and not get frustrated with doing too much at one time.

Here is my recent attempt.

My pen and ink sketch called “Sea Glass 1”

I love how this one came out. I took my time sketching the roundness of the glass candle holder. I also took my time applying the layers of color. A little bit at a time without overdoing it. My final layer on the candle holder was adding some reflective colors from the sea glass.

I enjoyed my sea glass sketch so much I went ahead and started the second sketch. This time with a square glass candle holder.

My second pen and ink sketch called “Sea Glass 2”

After completing my second sketch, I noticed I was getting comfortable sketching “perspectives” and drawing it without thinking about it. What I thought was initially difficult was actually easy to accomplish.

“Sea Glass 1”

Pens: TWSBI GOs with Stub 1.1

Inks: Diamine Enchanted Ocean. Jacques Herbin Vert Atlantide. Robert Oster Heart of Gold, Sydney Lavender, Blue River, Tokyo Blue Denim, and Thunderstorm

Journal: Stillman & Birn Beta

Sea Glass 2″

Pens: TWSBI GOs with Stub 1.1

Inks: Jacques Herbin Vert Atlantide. Robert Oster Saguaro Green, Hemp, Heart of Gold, Blue River, and Sydney Lavender

Journal: Stillman & Birn Beta

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