This Week’s Ramblings

The weather has warmed up this week and I wanted to be outdoors. I drove a family member to get their second vaccination, took care of errands, and enjoyed the 60-70 degree weather.

It’s been a few days since I last posted an entry on my blog. I have a hard time posting my blog entry without a picture. They are still in my “to be review process” and I’m the bottle neck. My pictures have to be ready for public consumption. That’s the way my brain is wired. So, today’s post will be without pictures, but includes a brief summary about what’s been going on in my creative world. Yes, I’m struggling with this, but you’ve been warned. Hahaha!


A few weeks ago, a four sheet dot card arrived. What? It’s four 8.5″x11″ sheets of paper that contains 238 watercolor dots in total. I finally had the chance to “play” with all the colors. Then a thought came to me to do swatches of all the colors in my watercolor art journal. After two days of sitting outside in the beautiful weather, I was able to create swatches on my dot cards (4 sheets) and in my journal. Life is very good!


I’m always looking for ways to reuse a product and of course how portable is the product when I want to create my artwork. I’ve been looking at clutch pencils or lead holders. That opened another rabbit hole for me. There are different size leads as in 2.0mm to 5.6mm. There are different manufacturers. Different lead holder styles and sizes. Of course different lead hardness. This research has been fun and I’m actually learning how to correctly pronounce the names of the manufacturers.

Pen and Ink

I did an adventurous thing earlier this year. I entered one of my pen and ink artworks in a sticker contest. I was invited by one of the owners of Pen Chalet to submit a piece he had seen on social media. Apparently, it was that good that it caught his eye. I was caught off guard and at the same time felt extremely blessed and elated. Someone enjoyed my artwork and thought it was something special.

This special artwork was created on a whim and I used the three exclusive fountain pen inks that were a collaboration between Pen Chalet and Robert Oster Signature Inks: Sedona Red, Monsoon Sky, and Saguaro Green. I thought it was only appropriate to create a piece of artwork that included some meaning behind the ink colors and their names.

Here’s the link to my original post about the special exclusive Robert Oster inks and my sketch:

I will be back with expanded blog posts in each creative area and of course, with pictures!

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