My Boots

The only clothing-related purchase I made in the last year since you know what started was my first pair of duck boots. I saw this boot at my local discount shop and tried them on. I could not believe how comfortable they were. I bought them hoping they would keep my feet dry. Little did I know that I would end up wearing them through several snow systems and rain showers we were having. Yes! They’ve kept my feet nice and dry.

My special water boots!

My duck boots are actually called Sperry Saltwater boots. There’s a feature of this boot that I immediately fell in love with when I first saw them. The strings do not tie at the top of the boot. If you look closely at my sketch you can see the ends of the string are knotted and just sit loosely on each side of the boot. There is a zipper on the inside of the boot to help my foot get in and out. I just wear a thick pair of warm socks with my duck boot and that’s it!

Hubby and I had the chance to get away this past weekend and my duck boots came along with me. I wore them to a winery we were visiting and sure enough Hubby wanted to walk the winery grounds. I was happy that I came prepared and my feet were dry.

Naturally, I had to do a quick sketch of my duck boots!

My Rose Gold pen used to sketch my boots

The pen in my picture is made by Bonecrusher 7 Studios using a Rose Gold resin. I had filled this pen with Cocoa Shimmer. That’s the color you see on the top part of the boot with all the shimmers. For the shoe strings, I used Heart of Gold. For the bottom of the boot I used a combination of Saguaro Green and Melon Tea. I used Thunderstorm for the shadow of the boot along with a bit of Melon Tea to bring a bit of the boot color into the shadow.

I still have a few more sketches to share with you. Yes, I’ve been busy! My “creativity” is going full throttle. More sketching means more practice time for me and I can feel and see the improvements along the way. If I’m using my eraser, it means I’m removing extra lines and not a mistake. To me, that’s progress!

Pens: Bonecrusher 7 Studios in Rose Gold with Opus 88 Medium nib. (I swapped my nibs around and this Opus 88 was available in my nib unit box). TWSBI GOs with Stub 1.1.

Inks: Diamine Cocoa Shimmer. Robert Oster Heart of Gold, Melon Tea, Saguaro Green, and Thunderstorm.

Journal: Stillman & Birn Beta

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