Day 8: My Bright Rosy Magenta Pinks

Okay, I’m back on track. Today’s lovely medium pink is called Jingle Berry. This is lovely bright standard ink.

Here is T’s writing sample and swatch. I’m enjoying her interpretation and her creativity.

I have a decent collection of this rosy pink magenta color. Here’s what I came up with. For my workshop friends, all the colors presented here create lovely pen & ink washes.

I have to include this angled view to show off each ink’s personality.

There are two other colors that I have, but I did not include here: Sailor Shikiori Okuyama and Vinta Inks Makopa. Both of these inks had an overabundance of green sheen just like Cardona. I decided to add Cardona and show off its lovely shimmering gold particles.

If I had to narrow down my choices, these would be the three colors that come close to Jingle Berry.

Here’s another view.

There’s no need for me to add Jingle Berry to my wish list. I already have large bottles of All the Best and Party Time from last year’s calendar.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Party Time (shimmer), All the Best (shimmer), and Raspberry Rose. Robert Oster Hot Pink. Diamine Amaranth. Monarca Cardona.

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