A Quick Watercolor Wreath & Inky Prompt

As a result of cleaning out the majority of my TWSBI GOs, I now have four (4) pens inked and they are not the colors I need for a wreath sketch. I may end up doing a monochromatic wreath with the remaining ink colors I have. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I painted a simple watercolor wreath using my Sennelier paint set. I mixed a few colors to get the different variations of green. The more I use this paint set, the more I’m enjoying the properties of this brand of paint. It’s so easy to re-wet the paint pans. The colors are bold and bright. Very little paint goes a long way.

I’m enjoying my sable blend travel brush. I can create fine lines and it does a lovely job with blending colors on my paper. This sable blend holds a decent amount of water/paint and keeps a lovely point. It’s now the brush I reach for most often when creating my watercolor sketches.

Prompt: Sketch a wreath. Here are a few suggestions: greens & berries, Christmas ornaments, floral, candy canes, bows, lights, etc.

Paint: Sennelier Alizarin Crimson, French Vermilion, Ultramarine Deep, Forest Green, and Lemon Yellow.

Brush: Rosemary & Co Pocket Sable Blend with tapered point (R13) from Art Toolkit. This is a size 8 brush.

Journal: Canson Artist Series Watercolor spiral bound A5 (5.5″x8.5″)

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