Day 7: My Lovely Green Swatches

Note: Yesterday, was a busy day for me and I forgot to publish my post. Today, I’m catching up.

Today’s Diamine color is Alpine. Alpine is beautiful green color with lovely silver shimmers.

I enjoy using a good green color and this one I would not hesitate to add to my wish list.

Here is T’s swatch for today.

There’s lots of silvery shimmer in this ink.

It did not take me too long to come up my matching inky swatches.

It was hard to choose just three swatches for the closest match, but I managed. Vert Atlantide (gold and silver shimmers), Sydney Darling Harbour, and Oklahoma City are my favorite green ink color for writing and sketching.

Just for fun I pulled out three swatches from my collection of watercolor paints.

How would I describe Alpine? It’s appears to be a mossy/sage green color with a bright teal blue underlying inky color and lots of silver shimmers.

NOTE: Since I included Enchanted Woods in my comparison, I wanted to provide a warning that Van Dieman’s had changed/reformulated most of their inks. I have a blog post about this ink color. Click on this Enchanted Woods link. Here’s a picture from my post.

Left-old ink and Right-new ink

Ink swatches: Jacques Herbin Vert Atlantide. Robert Oster Sydney Darling Harbour and Oklahoma City. Van Dieman’s Ink Hail Storm and Enchanted Woods.

Watercolor swatches: Daniel Smith Cascade Green, Jadeite Genuine, and Perylene Green.

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