Day 2: My Inky Brown Swatches

Today’s Diamine inky color is called Yule Log. This is a medium brown ink color with gold shimmers.

My compare swatches are based on T’s swatch and a few others I’ve seen on social media. I look for and compare any underlying colors that appear as well as sheen. A few of my compare swatches may include shimmering particles.

When I flip through my swatch cards, I always start with last year’s inky Inkvent colors. I immediately gravitated towards Winter Spice.

Here’s another angle to show off any shimmers and sheen.

From the previous picture, I can see how much my swatching technique has changed over the last three years.

I think Cocoa Shimmer and Aussie Brown are a close match to Yule log. Maybe a combination of both colors.

Ink swatches: Diamine Winter Spice (shimmer) and Cocoa Shimmer. Robert Oster Aussie Brown. Jacques Herbin Caroube de Chypre.

Yule Log photo by “T”

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