Day 1: My Turqoise Inky Swatches

Update 12/02/22: After I saw several people posts their Bliss swatches online, I started to see a teal green color appear on their swatches. I went back through my swatch collection and pulled out two additional colors to compare with Bliss.

I know colors can vary when pictures are taken and also how colors appear on the screens can look different. I just wanted to make that comment as I do not have a physical swatch to make better comparisons.

Original Post

I was not able to purchase the 2022 Diamine Green Inkvent Calendar this year. I’ve partnered with my lovely friend “T” who has graciously offered to share her inky Inkvent photos with me. My plan is to compare my inky swatches with each daily color.

Today’s Diamine day #1 inky color is Bliss which is a standard blue color. From T’s swatch and other online swatches I have seen, the color appears to be a beautiful turquoise color.

Here are the color swatches from my inky collection:

Diamine Subzero (shimmering) was from last year’s Red Inkvent calendar. It was the first color that came to my mind as being similar to Bliss without the shimmy.

Bliss appears to be a gorgeous turquoise with no sheen or shimmer, but I would not be inclined to purchase this color as I have several in this color range.

A big thank you to “T” for her picture and for her assistance with my inky project.

Ink swatches: Diamine Subzero and Aqua Lagoon. Birmingham Pen Co Glassmith. Robert Oster Torquay and Australis Hydra.

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