Double Wired Journal Notebook

(Edit: I forgot to mention I purchased my journal for $5 + tax. I need to remember that not everyone is familiar with some of stores I have access to).

I was at my local “Five Below” store and came across this journal/notebook. I was rubbing my hand across the paper (because that is what fountain pen folks do) to get an idea how smooth this paper was. I decided to give this notebook a try with my fountain pens and inks.

Here is the front cover with a cool looking design.

Here is the back of the cover.

This journal is 6.875″ x 10″ and about 3/4″ thick. This notebook contains 240 pages of lined paper. The front and back cover appears to be made of thick cardboard.

Overall, it feels like a chunky journal especially with the double wired spine.

Here is my test page written with some of the Diamine Inkvent calendar inks and my fountain pens with wet nibs. The shading and shimmers definitely appear on this paper.

Upon closer inspection, I can definitely see the shimmer from Vintage Copper and the sheen from Stargazer and Ruby Blues with this paper.

I can also see the shading from Candle Light and Raspberry Rose. Winter Spice is showing off a bit of shimmer.

I like how this paper shows off the ink’s color and characteristics. Hardly any feathering on the paper.

Here’s the backside of my test page. No bleed through at all. I was surprised even writing with my Stub 1.1 nibs. I would have expected to see “dots” where my nib stayed on the paper a bit longer.

I like the wider spiral on this journal. I have no issues flipping pages back and forth. Have you ever had a spiral notebook that was difficult to flip through?

I like the stiff thick cardboard covers that protects the paper in this journal. Also, I like how I can fold the pages back and can write on one side of the page at a time. The stiff cardboard provides a nice sturdy surface to write on.

For the price and the amount of pages in this journal I think this is a great buy.

Pen: Conklin Duragraph Brushed Titanium with Rose Gold trim and Omniflex nib.

Inks: Various inks from Diamine 2021 Inkvent Calendar

Journal: Five Below lined with 240 pages.

4 thoughts on “Double Wired Journal Notebook”

  1. I have found the inexpensive papers made in Vietnam are often fountain pen friendly. You can find them all over – Walmart, CVS, Staples. It’s nice to have some inexpensive random notebooks to scribble around in without paying $20. Now I’d like to find some blank ones…. Thanks again for doing the Inkvent calendar, I actually prefer a written summary instead of having to watch a video, so I appreciate all the hard work it took!

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    1. I agree. I have found the same with papers made in Vietnam. They tend to be fountain pen friendly. I also have the Exceed journal from Walmart. You just reminded me to grab that from my journal pile. If you find any blank ones, please let me know. I like trying out the blank fountain pen friendly paper for my pen & ink sketches. I appreciate your feedback and comments. The extra work to get through the Inkvent calendar was well worth it. I read about a few folks struggling to get through it and I hope I was able to provide some good advice and experience for those who are thinking about trying one next year.


  2. Hi Susie – thank You very much for Your Inkvent endeavour ! I have enjoyed comming back every day to see Your artwork and comments. I agree with Rosearbor, it’s a pleasure to read Your comments rather than watching a video !

    Your enthusiasm is contagious … 🙂

    Bravo Bravo Bravo !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind complements and of course your feedback. I’m kind of old school and prefer to do my reviews by typing them out on my blog. That way folks can grab their favorite beverage and read at their leisure. For me, it helps me practice my writing skills. Thank you for following along. I appreciate your inputs. 😃


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