My Christmas Pen

Way back in August I mentioned that Hubby hand picked a beautiful fountain pen at our local pen show. I was able to spend a minute or two with this pen. I put the pen in my hand and gave it a twirl. Then I had to give the pen back to Hubby.

The remaining weeks in August were hard for me as I knew there was a brand new pen in the house and I could do nothing but wait.

Four months later and I can finally blog about my new beautiful Christmas pen hand turned by Turnt Pen Co. But wait! I need to find an ink color to match!

I flipped through my swatch cards and gravitated towards the swatches of Van Dieman’s Ink colors. Parrot Fish turned out to be a perfect match.

Okay. Now I can show you my lovely new pen!

This is the lovely Peacock resin by Dupras.

When Hubby purchased the pen, I had selected a Fine JoWo nib to go with it. Since I’m using a shimmering ink, I wanted to go with a slightly wider nib. I swapped out my Fine nib unit and replaced it with an Esterbrook Medium nib.

This is my second pen from Tim (Turnt Pen Co). I had purchased my first one in a PM4 from the same pen show.

Did I mention I’m having a wonderful time with my pen? It’s comfortable in my hand and I feel as though I could write for hours.

Right now, my Peacock is sitting in my EDW (everyday writing) pen case along with my PM4 and my Lamy 2000.

My Hubby is the best! He did a great job selecting this pen. Maybe I can penable him in the new year.

Pen: Turnt Pen Co Pynchon (model) in Peacock (Bob Dupras) with Esterbrook Medium nib.

Ink: Van Dieman’s Ink Parrot Fish (shimmer) from their Underwater Series.

Paper: Rhodia

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