The 25 Days of Daily Inky Madness

I might have mentioned before that this was my first attempt at doing a daily ink post on my blog. Was I feeling a bit excited and overwhelmed at the same time? Yes! At first, it felt like an unknown adventure was going to take place for 25 days in December. In the back of my mind, I was concerned if I would be able to commit and finish this daily ink project.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, I started to think about a process of what I was going to do when I opened each new bottle. I knew I would keep my current ink swatching process. I would have to add a writing sample and I had to come up with a theme. I chose to write down Christmas songs in one of my journals.

Next thing I knew I had to include daily sketches to show off the ink’s characteristics. What was my theme for my daily sketches? A round ornament.

I also decided to create a large sketch to incorporate all 25 ink colors! Add a color a day to the sketch. I decided a wreath would be a good choice. I had no clue what the wreath would look like and decided to go with the flow. I’ve included a picture of this wreath in my previous post.

Initially, it took me five days to figure out my process and get into a rhythm. Open a new bottle. Fill a pen or use my glass dip pen. Create my swatch card. Create my writing sample. Create my ink wash ornament. Add a sketch to my wreath. Clean my glass dip pen (if used) and my automatic pen. If I filled one of my fountain pens with ink, I added an entry into my Ink Journal along with pen name & nib size, ink name, and the date I filled my pen.

Included in this process were the many pictures I had to take for each bottle of ink I opened. Also I had to check and make sure the ink colors were close to accurate before I posted my daily blog entry.

Well before I reached the halfway mark in the calendar, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. My friend “M”mentioned I was “obligated to finish. You can’t quit 10 days in. REVOLT!” Hahaha! While “M’s” comment lingered in my head, I continued to march on.

I mentioned in a previous post that I ended up opening two to three bottles of ink a few days earlier in order to stay ahead. That turned out to be a game changer for me as I had so many other projects grabbing for my time and attention. I was able to set aside a block of time and focus on each ink color and inky characteristics.

Some ink colors took a bit longer for me to write about. Their inky swatches required me to grab all of my other ink swatches and compare colors. A few ink colors had me stumped and I had to use my watercolor swatches to check the color range. Brandy Snap was one of those colors. The color Sienna kept popping into my head and I knew it was in a similar color range.

There were teal and turquoise colors that were very close. It wasn’t until I pulled out my other swatch cards that I could see whether the color in question was leaning more towards blue or more towards green.

This inky experience turned out to be a fun journey for me. I’m glad I took this leap into an unknown adventure and found a fondness and love for the new inks I have. It was definitely time well spent and I enjoyed getting to know each ink’s characteristics.

For those of you following my daily Inkvent blog posts I want to say “thank you” for following along and absorbing all this inky information. I hope you found it helpful and maybe take a second look at the beautiful ink colors. I hope Diamine will produce the larger bottles in the near future as they did with their blue version of the Inkvent calendar from 2019.

In my daily posts I had created the ornament pen & ink wash sketch for each ink color. The ornaments became part of my Christmas tree sketch.

Thank you for following along in my 25 days of inky madness.

Inks: Diamine 2021 Inkvent Calendar

4 thoughts on “The 25 Days of Daily Inky Madness”

  1. Hello Susie. Thanks so much for doing your daily ink reviews with this Diamine calendar. I followed along every day, and also kept my own samples and writing samples similar to yours. I visited every day to compare my swatches and ink washes to yours. Having yours to compare with mine made me enjoy the month even more. Thanks!

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    1. You are so welcome! Thank you for stopping by and providing feedback. I appreciate it so much. I’m happy to hear that my inky process was helpful and encouraging to you. I think we all need that friendly nudge to keep going and to make it enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your Inkvent experience. Now…what to do with all this ink? I say sketch with them! 😂


  2. I didn’t do the whole ink advent calendar and was kicking myself. Thankfully Yoseka sold the inks individually! Your blog allowed me to narrow down the inks I would love to try and not collect extras I’m not ready to try. Thank you!

    I noticed you use little round labels to note which ink is in which pen. I am sure you’ve shared that before but would you mind sharing again? As I collect more pens and inks – I am realizing how useful this is.

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    1. Hi Tami…So happy you were able to get a few Inkvent bottles from Yoseka. I’m glad I could help you narrow down the ink colors and avoid getting duplicate or just average colors. BTW, now that I’ve used the inks for a few months, I will be posting my Inkvent favorites before the end of March. This will be in anticipation of Diamine’s April launch of their bigger bottles. 🥰

      The round labels I use on my fountain pens and also on my ink sample vial caps is Avery 5408 (3/4″) white round removable labels. I’ve also put these labels on the lids of my ink bottles and ink box tops. I store my inks in decorative storage boxes and it’s easy to see the ink names when I pop the lid off the box. Multi-use labels. 😄


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