Day #14: Red Robin

Ink: Diamine Red Robin

Red Robin is a standard reddish ink color.

I like this red ink with the bits of shading. It’s more of a dark red and not too bright. It has some personality.

There is a bit of dark bronze-like sheen.

The underlying color reminds me of coral.

After going through my swatches, I found a color that is similar to Red Robin.

Oh and I found these as well. I added Charred Hickory to this mix as another person mentioned seeing the color brown.

Another ink that produces another beautiful ink wash.

This is a beautiful red ink that leans a bit towards coral. The only brown I can see on my samples is from the sheen. I’m on the fence as to adding this ink to my wish list. I already have too many bottles of red inks in my collection. I would add a larger bottle just to use in my artwork because of the coral undertones. I’m glad I have my 12ml bottle to play with.

Ink: Diamine Red Robin (standard)

Pens: Glass dip pen. Automatic pen.

Journal: GLP Creations with TRP (68gsm).

Paper: Grumbacher Mixed Media

2 thoughts on “Day #14: Red Robin”

  1. I just discovered your site today, am absolutely enjoying your lovely artwork and your playing around with pens and inks and watercolor. I now know what to do with all those shimmering inks I got samples of!

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