Day #13: Ruby Blues

Ink: Diamine Ruby Blues

Ruby Blues is a perfect name for this ink color. A blue ink with red sheen.

There’s plenty of sheen in my writing sample while looking straight down on the page.

On my swatch card, the red sheen is amazing. Hmmmm. I’ve seen this color before.

Ruby Blues reminded me of two other inks I have: Diamine Skull & Roses and PW Ackerman #5 Shocking Blue. My friend “M” gave me a sample of Skull & Roses which happens to be a German exclusive ink. My friend “J” sent me a lovely bottle of Shocking Blue. All three inks have the same blue ink color and very similar sheen.

Here’s a view from a different angle.

My ink wash test. This is a bold ink color compared the other inks I’ve been using for my artwork.

Ruby Blues is a beautiful dark blue color with lots of vibrant red sheen. I think this ink is a good replacement for Skull & Roses and Shocking Blue. Let’s hope Diamine produces this color in a large bottle.

Ink: Diamine Ruby Blues (sheen)

Pens: TWSBI GO with Stub 1.1 nib. Automatic pen.

Journal: GLP Creations with TRP (68gsm)

Paper: Grumbacher Mixed Media

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