Something Fun – Stickers

I have been radio silent for the last 20+ days. I mentioned I had a few projects I was working on and it involved creating some artwork and of course, promoting it. The month of July has gone by quickly for me. A lot of work has been involved and I’m having so much fun seeing everything come together over the last few weeks.

One of the cool things on my “to do list” was having stickers made from my artwork. It was hard to narrow down the pieces I had worked on. I finally selected my duck boots and I’m more than thrilled with the results.

I had created this piece when Hubby and I took off for a weekend trip earlier this year and I took my TWSBI GOs filled with shimmering inks. We were expecting to have rain showers all weekend and I thought some sparkling inks would help brighten a cloudy weekend. Also, I find I’m more creative when I’m sketching with pens filled with shimmering inks.

Duck Boots sketch and sticker

Pens: TWSBI GOs with Stub 1.1 nibs

Inks: Diamine Cocoa Shimmer. Robert Oster Heart of Gold, Melon Tea, Saguaro Green, and Thunderstorm.

Journal: Stillman & Birn Beta

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