Beach Life!

I was reading a local beach magazine and saw an outline of a crab. I had a few minutes this afternoon to do absolutely nothing. Instead, I pulled out my pen pouch and art journal and sketched a quick outline of a crab. I went through my fountain pens and looked for appropriate ink colors to use as a wash for my crab. Here is my wonky crab!

My crab: a quick pen and ink sketch

I’ve started to use more shimmering inks in my sketches. When I added the water wash I found the shimmers moved around a bit. Once my sketch has dried, I went back and added some shimmering lines around the edges.

Ink colors used: Robert Oster Gold Antiqua, Melon Tea, Heart of Gold, Carbon Fire, and Thunderstorm. Diamine Enchanted Ocean and Red Luster. Jacques Herbin Vert Atlantide

Pens: TWSBI GOs stub 1.1 and Platinum Preppy (Carbon ink)

Journal: Stillman & Birn Beta


My Conklin Endura Abalone with Jacques Herbin Vert Atlantide had it’s first clog. I was surprised this happened. I had stored my pen case nib up and the ink did not like this at all. I primed my pen and was able to get the ink flowing. I’ve decided to leave my pen case flat or horizontal and not worry about my pens with shimmering inks.

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