More Beach Life!

We have been experiencing overcast cloudy days since we arrived at the beach. Added to the 40 degree daily high along with the 8-10mph winds, it was doggone cold when we walked along the beach and even along the boardwalk.

One early morning the sun appeared! We knew it was the right day to go exploring!

We took a drive and ended up on Assateague Island. Here the beach is wide with plenty of sand dunes.

There is something about watching the waves and listening to them crash against the surf.

I enjoyed seeing the footprints in the sand

We had a lot of photo ops on the beach.

Watching the water erase the footprints

It was so peaceful to wander along the beach. Except for a handful of people, we had the beach to ourselves.

We headed south to find some trails. We were on the second trail and a beautiful Assateague pony came out of the woods and startled us.

We gave enough space for this wild pony to wander in front of us. I was thankful to already have my camera lens set at the right distance and managed to capture this magnificent pony before moving away from us.

As we were heading out towards the parking lot, another pony was on the trail ahead of us and we had to step off the trail to let the pony walk by.

Two wild ponies arriving at the entrance of the trail
Looking back at each other

I still have a few pictures to add about our adventure. Will be right back!

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