Day 21: My Lovely Red Swatches

Today’s Diamine Inkvent color is Cosy Up. This is a lovely standard red ink color. It’s a basic medium red ink with a pink base.

Here is T’s ink swatch and writing sample.

A close up of T’s swatch shows a tiny bit of dark sheen.

I have to mention again how lovely this Cosy Up ink color is. It wasn’t too hard for me to come up with several comparison swatches from my inky collection.

I’ve included last year’s Red Robin swatch along with other Diamine and Robert Oster reddish-pinky ink swatches.

Here are three standard inks that remind me of Cosy Up. Sushi is a fave ink of mine.

Here are my dark pink and red inks with shimmering particles.

Pink Glitz has gold shimmers while Pink Ice has silver shimmers. These two are my favorite medium to dark pink shimmering ink colors. No Fixed Address is a red color with blue shimmers.

I prefer to use medium to dark pink ink colors for my journal writing and sketches. My pink inks are used as a substitute for using red in my sketches. I find reds to be a bit bold and overwhelming while a good pink ink can be subtle and blends well on art paper.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Red Robin. Diamine Pink Glitz and Pink Ice (shimmers). Robert Oster No Fixed Address (shimmer), Red Candy, Rubine, and Sushi.

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