Day 20: My Dark Blues Swatches with Sheen and Shimmers

Today’s Diamine daily ink color is Arctic Blast. This is a dark blue chameleon ink with lots of sheen and shimmers. There’s a lot going on in T’s writing sample.

In T’s photo, I can see the blue shimmers in her bottle. Others have mentioned seeing turquoise blue and pink shimmers.

Here is my swatch selections for today. All five show off some lovely red sheen.

All but my Ruby Blues have shimmering particles.

I’ve narrowed down my swatch selection to three choices.

Each of these three inks have a unique personality especially with their shimmering colors. I really do enjoy a gold rose gold/copper shimmering ink. That’s probably why I like Ham so much. For Stars & Stripes, the ink appears to have slightly larger shimmering bits or perhaps the shimmers are more metallic and shows off the bright sparkles more.

Ham does lean more towards a dark teal color. It’s a beautiful ink to write with and creates a beautiful color wash.

Yes. I have too many bottles of blue ink. Yes. I will be adding Arctic Blast to my wish list.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Ruby Blues. Diamine Jack Frost. Colorverse Stars and Stripes and Ham Glistening inks. Robert Oster Blue Moon (shimmer)

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