Day 5: My Red Swatches

Today’s Diamine inky calendar color is called Spiced Apple. This medium red ink has a “chameleon” personality. This ink shows quite a bit of green sheen with golden shimmers.

Here is T’s swatch with the beautiful green sheen. I do see a bit of blue along the edges which might be a bit of blue shimmers.

I originally pulled out several of my red inky swatches and then narrowed down my selection to these four colors. When I was looking at several Spiced Apple swatches online, the medium red color leaned more towards a warm red and in a few swatches I saw the red lean towards cool. This depends on the lighting.

Here’s a different angle of the swatches and each ink’s personality.

My sample of Communication Breakdown (from Ms M) has the similar green sheen that is in today’s color.

Based on the inky writing samples and sketches I’ve seen using Spiced Red, I would add this one to my inky wish list. Who does not love a chameleon color?

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Red Robin. Diamine Communication Breakdown, and Red Lustre. Robert Oster Red Candy.

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