Day 4: My Inky Greens

Today’s Diamine Inkvent calendar color is called Spruce. This emerald green colored ink is a scented ink. Since I’m not physically involved with the unveiling of this year’s calendar, I will have to rely on others for their interpretation of the scent.

At first, Spruce appears to be an emerald green color and especially when I see the color on the bottle’s label. On T’s swatch, I can see some other inky qualities of this lovely color.

Looking at other swatches, I can see some blue undertones which can make this ink appear to be a dark teal color. All of this depends on the paper used and the lighting. There is definitely a large amount of red sheen that appears in this inky color.

As usual I went through last year’s calendar to find some close comparisons. I came up with these two colors which are heavy on the sheen.

Here’s a better picture of the sheen.

Of course, I had to go through my Robert Oster swatches and I came up with these two. I also pulled out another Diamine green color to round out the swatch comparisons.

I think a combination of these three swatches is a close match to Spruce.

River of Fire is showing similar blue underlying color as seen in Spruce.

A few of the Spruce swatches I have seen shows a dark green ink color and I assume it’s because of the heavy sheen. I’ve also seen a few pieces of artwork where the underlying colors are bright green that leans a bit more teal.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Garland (shimmer) and Black Ivy. Robert Oster Peppermint and River of Fire. Diamine Holly.

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