Day 3: My Blurples (Blues/Purples)

Today’s Diamine inky color is called Solar Storm. It’s a “chameleon” ink which contains oodles of shimmering particles with lots of sheen.

My friend “T” has provided her lovely inky swatch to include in my blog post for today.

I asked myself several times this morning, what base color do I see? What are the underlying colors I see? What shimmering colors do I see? Finally, what is the sheen color I see? Many questions that took me some time to ponder what inky colors I had in my collection.

Last year, I looked at the Diamine label to see the predominant base color I would expect to see. Then without shaking the bottle, I would look at the bottom of the bottle to see the predominant shimmering color.

Just to let “T” know as well as others who are following along with me, I’ve been relying also on two other swatches from other folks. I take into consideration if the swatch picture was taken under a lamp light or natural daylight. That helps me to cover the gamut of colors I see.

I came up with several blurple inky colors from various ink brands.

Here’s a more angled picture to show some sheen and sparkles.

Here are the swatches I think come closest to Solar Storm or maybe a combination.

Storm has a bit of green sparkles while Silver Dawn has silver shimmers.

From what I can tell, Solar Storm is a dark blue and dark purple ink. It has some major sheen that appears to be red-brown. There also appears to be two shimmering colors of green and gold. This beautiful Solar Storm inky color is truly a chameleon that contains what I call different personalities based on the paper used and of course the lighting.

This Solar Storm ink color is unique and is at the top of my inky wish list for next year. I do not have this specific color and with all its inky personalities it’s a must have. I’m happy I’m participating in this year’s daily inky activities by doing my own comparisons. This gives me a chance to analyze the colors and qualities at a distance without getting too emotional with all the colors like I did last year. This makes it simpler for me to pick and choose the colors for my future wish list.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Storm (shimmer). Robert Oster Silver Dawn (shimmer) and Dragon’s Night. Sailor Shikiori Shigure. Anderillium Inks Purple Gallinule.

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