Day 17: My Orange Swatches

Today’s Diamine Inkvent color is a standard ink called Flame. It’s basically a bright orange ink.

From T’s swatch, I can see some lovely blooms created from the drops of water interacting with the ink.

I do not have too many orange inks. I think Wonderland and Flap Jack Orange are close matches.

I wanted to show the other inks I have that are a bit darker and not as bright. Burned Orange and Antelope Canyon have some lovely dark brown sheen around the edges.

Since I already have two bright orange inks, I won’t be adding Flame to my wish list.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Wonderland. Anderillium Flap Jack Oct Orange. Robert Oster Burned Orange and Antelope Canyon. Private Reserve Shoreline Gold.

Day 6: My Moody Gray Swatches

Today’s Diamine Inkvent calendar color is Ghost. It appears to be a gray standard ink with some interesting undertones.

Before I get started, I wanted to give T a shout out: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Here is T’s swatch for today and her inky notes: “Day 6 – I used an automatic pen for the first time for these swatches. It took a while to learn to avoid scratching the paper. This very wet standard ink was great for practicing. All of the swatches came out very differently. The image with 5 blooms is the only one done with a paintbrush”.

After I looked at T’s swatch and several others, I managed to find a few of my swatches that have similar personalities to Ghost.

I had to include two neutral gray swatches (Moon Dust and Shoebill Stork Grey) to show how much more vibrant Ghost and my comparison swatches are.

I know Antique Sepia leans quite a bit towards green, but I wanted to show the similar underlying colors. This is a beautiful color to use in sketches.

Here are the three colors that look very similar to Ghost.

Ghost is very similar to last year’s inky color called Ash. I can see some pinkish and bluish undertones.

In some of the online swatches I’ve seen, Ghost appears to lean a bit more towards a purple color. I believe the blue underlying color adds to this purplish personality.

My Autumn Forest ink contains some lovely rose gold shimmers and I think I will stick to this ink color. No need for me to add Ghost to my wish list.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Ash. Dominant Industry Autumn Forest. Robert Oster Australian Opal Gray. Birmingham Pen Co Antique Sepia. Anderillium Shoebill Stork Grey. Diamine Shimmering Moon Dust.

Day 3: My Blurples (Blues/Purples)

Today’s Diamine inky color is called Solar Storm. It’s a “chameleon” ink which contains oodles of shimmering particles with lots of sheen.

My friend “T” has provided her lovely inky swatch to include in my blog post for today.

I asked myself several times this morning, what base color do I see? What are the underlying colors I see? What shimmering colors do I see? Finally, what is the sheen color I see? Many questions that took me some time to ponder what inky colors I had in my collection.

Last year, I looked at the Diamine label to see the predominant base color I would expect to see. Then without shaking the bottle, I would look at the bottom of the bottle to see the predominant shimmering color.

Just to let “T” know as well as others who are following along with me, I’ve been relying also on two other swatches from other folks. I take into consideration if the swatch picture was taken under a lamp light or natural daylight. That helps me to cover the gamut of colors I see.

I came up with several blurple inky colors from various ink brands.

Here’s a more angled picture to show some sheen and sparkles.

Here are the swatches I think come closest to Solar Storm or maybe a combination.

Storm has a bit of green sparkles while Silver Dawn has silver shimmers.

From what I can tell, Solar Storm is a dark blue and dark purple ink. It has some major sheen that appears to be red-brown. There also appears to be two shimmering colors of green and gold. This beautiful Solar Storm inky color is truly a chameleon that contains what I call different personalities based on the paper used and of course the lighting.

This Solar Storm ink color is unique and is at the top of my inky wish list for next year. I do not have this specific color and with all its inky personalities it’s a must have. I’m happy I’m participating in this year’s daily inky activities by doing my own comparisons. This gives me a chance to analyze the colors and qualities at a distance without getting too emotional with all the colors like I did last year. This makes it simpler for me to pick and choose the colors for my future wish list.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Storm (shimmer). Robert Oster Silver Dawn (shimmer) and Dragon’s Night. Sailor Shikiori Shigure. Anderillium Inks Purple Gallinule.

Anderillium Inks – Cephalopod Series

For this blog post I will be covering the remaining eight ink colors from Anderillium Inks and representing their Cephalopod series. A few of their bright ink colors brought a smile to my face. Here’s my writing samples from this series where I wrote a brief summary about the ink or cephalopod’s name.

Here are my swatch cards representing the eight ink colors. You can see some sheen in a few of the colors.

Here’s some inky swatches I found from my swatch card collection that came close to or matched the Anderillium Ink colors.

Flapjack Octopus Orange is a bright orange ink color with some lovely shading. I have a handful of orange ink colors and these two, Damili and Shoreline Gold, were the closest in color.

Vampire Squid Red is a wonderful medium red ink color with a bit of gold sheen. If I did not already have Sushi and Tassie Salmon, I would probably get a bottle of this ink color.

Bobtail Squid Green is in between Subline and Green Lime and leans more towards Green Lime.

Spiral Green is a lovely bright medium green ink color with a tiny bit of dark red sheen along the edges. I was able to get a close match with Green Green and Midori.

Blue Ringed Octopus is a tiny bit darker than Australian Opal Blue and Australian Sky Blue. It shows a bit of red sheen around the edges.

Flying Squid Blue is a close match to Soda Pop Blue and Asa Blue. It’s a medium blue ink with a bit of red sheen and is similar to Soda Pop Blue.

Collosal Squid Dark is a unique ink color with some black sheen. It’s a medium dark teal green color and quite different from Eroded Bronze and Velvet Storm.

Cuttlefish Brown is a lovely medium brown ink color and is a close match between Melon Tea and Bronze. Cuttlefish has some black sheen which makes it look like a dark brown ink color in my writing sample.

Majority of the colors in this Cephalopod series are very similar to the colors I already have in my inky collection. They appear to be moderately wet inks. The bright colors are very appealing and I would not hesitate to use them in my artwork.

Inks: Anderillium Inks Cephalopod Series

Ink Journal: GLP Creations The Author Tomoe River Paper 68gsm

Anderillium Inks – Avian Series

I have fallen behind in my inky reviews. I need to play catch up and I will be writing future posts that will include several ink colors from the same ink manufacturer. So, let me continue with the Anderillium Inks samples I received a few months ago.

At the start of my Anderillium ink reviews, I talked about the following four inky colors from their Avian series.

Here’s a close up of my swatch cards.

I’ve included a link for each of the color I’ve already posted on my blog: Indigo Blue Bunting, Kingfisher Green, Roseate Spoonbill Pink, and Pompadour Cotinga Burgundy.

The next four colors in their Avian series includes a purple, grey, yellow, and a black ink color.

The purple, grey, and black colors appear to be somewhat dry inks.

I pulled out my swatch cards to see what other ink colors came close to the Anderillium colors. For Purple Gallinule, Night Shade and Dragon’s Night were the closest colors I had.

Shoebill Stork Grey is a basic flat gray ink color especially when compared to Australian Opal Gray and Earl Grey.

Gold Finch Yellow is a beautiful and bright yellow color with a bit of orange sheen. It’s a brighter than Yellow Sunrise or Aussie Gold.

Common Loon Black is more of a dark gray ink color when compared to a black ink like Shogun.

The Shoebill Stork Grey and the Common Loon Black appear to be drier inks compared to the other colors in this series.

I like their Indigo Bunting Blue, Kingfisher Green, Roseate Spoonbill Pink, Pompadour Cotinga Burgundy, and Goldfinch Yellow. I like the brighter colors and I could see using them in my pen & ink artwork. The other three colors are bit a flat and less interesting to use in my artwork.

For journaling and writing, I think all the inks write well and are readable.

I’ll be back with the remaining inky colors from Anderillium’s Cephalopod series. Stay tuned.

Inks: Anderillium Inks Avian Series

Ink Journal: GLP Creations The Author Tomoe River Paper 68gsm

Pompadour Cotinga Burgundy – Anderillium Ink

This is a lovely burgundy ink color from Anderillum Ink. I like this ink color for writing in my journal and for my artwork. There’s a bit of familiarity with this color.

This ink color has a bit of shading and is quite lovely.

When I first saw this ink color, I immediately thought of Raspberry Rose and Black Tongue Spider Orchid. This ink color falls somewhere in between the two colors.

I misspelled the ink name on my swatch card. It should be Cotinga. The ink shows a bit of green sheen.

I like this inky color a lot. It’s not too rosy and not too pinky. I have to say it’s just right.

Ink: Anderillium Inks Pompadour Cotinga Burgundy

Pen: Stainless Steel Kakimori nib in a nib holder by River City Pen Company

Papers: Canson Mixed Media. GLP Creations The Author TRP 68gsm

Roseate Spoonbill Pink – Anderillium Inks

I enjoy using pinky ink colors in my fountain pens. I tend to lean towards the rosy pink colors for writing and for sketching.

I took my sample vial of Roseate Spoonbill Pink and started to play with this color. As you can imagine, I was a bit surprised to see how bright this pink was.

This pink color is so bright it makes my writing feel bright and cheery on the paper.

I knew I did not have a similar ink color to Roseate Spoonbill, but I went ahead and flipped through my swatch cards to see what colors would come close to this bright pink color. Here are my rosy pink swatches with shimmers compared to the Anderillium ink color.

Roseate Spoonbill Pink has a bright gold sheen.

This Anderillium ink is a bright pink ink color. Almost neon pink. It has a lovely golden yellow sheen. This ink produces a lovely wash of color when used with water.

This color has grown on me. I think this would be beautiful to use as an ink wash for floral artwork. It’s also a nice bright and bold color for writing.

Ink: Anderillium Ink Roseate Spoonbill Pink

Pen: Stainless Steel Kakimori nib in a River City Pen Company nib holder

Papers: Canson Mixed Media. GLP Creations The Author Tomoe River Paper 68gsm

Green Kingfisher Green – Anderillium Inks

Green Kingfisher Green reminds me of a medium olive green color. I can see several underlying colors which include light dusty gold and bright cyan blue. I’m thinking there’s another color, but won’t know for sure until I sketch with this gorgeous ink color.

This is another ink color I had a hard time photographing. The olive green color is a tad bit lighter than what my writing sample shows. There is some shading that shows up while writing with my TWSBI GO with medium nib.

It was not too hard to find comparable inky colors from my collection. They each have their own personalities especially when using different papers. You can see how my swatching process has changed over the years.

Another look at my sketch along with my swatch card together.

I had to pull out my watercolor paint swatches to help identify that tan/beige color that kept appearing in my artwork.

My Thoughts:

As I sketch more with fountain pen inks, I’m finding certain colors appeal to me more than others. If I had to choose a green color, I would gravitate more towards the olive green color.

This ink leans more towards the wet side. It’s not gushing wet (like Van Dieman’s Inks), but it’s also not dry.

I am having too much fun with this lovely olive green ink. I might put off the next ink color for a few days so I can write my TWSBI GO dry. Hahaha!

I’m adding this ink color to my wish list. Yes, I know I have other olive green ink colors in my collection for writing. I would get this for sketching. It has some unique qualities.

Look at the explosion of colors that appear when I add water to the inky splat on my paper towel. The blue is close to a light cyan blue color.

The ink is still damp and I can see remnants of olive green around the edges
The ink is dry and the golden orange color appears

Pen Used: TWSBI Go with Medium nib

Ink: Anderillium Green Kingfisher Green

Journals Used: Canson Artist Series Mix Media. GLP Creations The Author TRP 68gsm Dot Grid. Stillman & Birn Alpha.

Indigo Bunting Blue – Anderillium Inks

A few weeks ago, I thought I was missing a color from the Anderillium samples I received. I initially swatched 15 inky colors. I checked the packing slip and I counted 16 sample vials.

This morning I took out my sample vials and placed them on my desk for a quick photo op. I looked inside the supposedly empty box and found the missing vial of ink stuck in between some bubble wrap. I now feel as though all is good in my world and I can now proceed to chat about the inks.

I quickly did a swatch of this (supposedly missing) ink and immediately enjoyed seeing this dusty blue color. A very calm and enjoyable color.

I did a quick sketch to see how well the ink interacts with water. It’s gorgeous!

Before I get too far into this fun adventure, I have to come up with a plan on how to best present the Anderillium inks on my blog. I think I will do a quick sketch and then follow up with a writing sample. If this sounds familiar it’s because I did a similar process for the Diamine Inkvent Calendar.

This ink color dries a bit lighter than what my writing sample shows

This ink has some lovely shading and no sheen.

I’m sure it will be helpful to include other swatch colors I have for comparisons.

Looks like this will work. Short and sweet, right?

My Thoughts: After using this ink for two days, I find I’m using this color for sketching. It’s a decent color for writing, but after looking back on the paragraphs I wrote I do wish the ink was a tad bit darker. It’s a lovely wet ink with lovely shading.

Pen Used: TWSBI Go with Medium nib

Ink: Anderillium Indigo Bunting Blue

Journals Used: Canson Artist Series Mix Media. GLP Creations The Author TRP 68gsm Dot Grid. Stillman & Birn Alpha.

A New (to me) Fountain Pen Ink Brand – Anderillium Inks

I’m always searching for and coming across fountain pen inks that I can use for both writing and sketching in my journals. I was elated to have an opportunity to try out a new-to-me brand of inks. The samples arrived at my studio desk and I immediately began swatching the colors.

This new-to-me inks are made by Anderillium Inks and they are based in Tampa, Florida. Their inks are handcrafted and inspired by nature. They have two inky offerings: Cephalopod and Avian. It appears I’m missing a color. No worries. I found the missing vial hidden in the bubble wrap. I will swatch the missing color later.

Look at the bright colors!

The Anderillium inks are hand made in their own laboratory. They do not use any animal products in their inks or in their packaging. They are passionate about protecting our oceans and our wildlife. They choose to use the most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials whenever possible.

Their inks are water based and are made only with chemicals that are safe for the environment. I was so happy to read about their inks and their passion in protecting the ocean and wildlife.

Over the next few weeks, I will be spending some quality time (writing & sketching) with each of the ink colors I have on hand and provide some thoughts about the inks in general. In the meantime, I have written a few notes to myself so I wouldn’t forget my initial thoughts. I will do my best to describe the color(s) I see and any inky qualities that stand out.

As I was flipping through the swatches I created, I found a few of the Anderillium ink colors unique enough to add to my wish list. There were also a few colors that appeared to be somewhat close to some of the colors I have in my inky collection.

My inky collection of fountain pen inks

I am looking forward to this fun adventure. Stay tuned.

Thank you Frank from Federalist Pens and Paper for providing the ink samples.

Inks: Anderillium Inks

Swatches: Col-o-ring Cards

Paper: Rhodia