Day #11: Let’s Party with Diamine!

Special note: I have to say Diamine has been capturing my heart with this calendar of beautiful inks. I enjoy playing with the colors and seeing each ink’s potential. It’s been an exciting journey and I have a chance to create some sketches along the way (more coming). Are we ready to party?

Inkvent Day #11: Diamine Party Time

Typically, I prefer for a pinky ink to have some sheen or shimmer. This one has some shimmer.

Party Time appears to have purplish particulates at the bottom of my bottle.

Check out this lovely and bright ink color! From my writing sample and swatch, the shimmers leans a bit towards blue. I matched this gorgeous ink with my lovely Pilot Prera with Calligraphy Medium (CM) nib. The CM nib helps my handwriting look a bit more festive.

Here’s a close up of my writing. The shimmers appear to be metallic blue. I really enjoy using my CM nib for writing.

My swatch shows the bright blue shimmery particulates along with a subtle copper-like sheen. I think I need to put on my sunglasses for this.

Here are some swatches to compare this ink color with. Now a few may wonder why would I add the Vinta Makopa swatch to this comparison. If you remove the intense sheen, it’s underlying color appears to be similar to Party Time.

Let’s take a look at Raspberry Rose from Day #8 and compare it to Party Time. Interesting when you put two colors together and see which color leans more towards red or pink or purple, etc.

This pink ink produces a lovely ink wash and the color appears to pop off the paper.

So far, I’ve seen several descriptions for this pinky ink color: rose, magenta, raspberry, and even rhubarb. From other pictures on social media, I’ve seen a light pink ink to a dusky pink color.

I would say this is a gorgeous “red-purple-pink” color with bright metallic blue shimmers and a bit of coppery sheen. After saying “Wow” several times (to myself) about this ink, I’m adding this to my wish list for a larger bottle. It’s a unique color for me and creates a wonderful ink wash for my artwork.

Ink: Diamine Party Time (shimmer)

Pens: Pilot Prera Pink with CM (calligraphy medium) nib. Automatic pen.

Journal: GLP Creations with TRP (68gsm)

Paper: Grumbacher Mixed Media

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