More Vinta Inks!

My order arrived a little over a week ago and I’m just getting around to posting an update with the new colors I received. I thought about adding this to my previous Vinta Inks post, but decided my latest lovely colors required their own post.

Here’s a quick pen and ink wash sketch I did. I was itching to use the Pamana ink color and sketched some peaches. It’s an absolutely gorgeous ink with a peachy undertone color!

My pen and ink sketch: Peaches

My box arrived after traveling around the postal system and was delayed in the next state over for a few days. It looked like “big foot” stepped on it. Hahaha!

My damaged box arrived
Another view of my box

Inside the mailing box, I found my boxes of ink safely wrapped and looking pristine. Amazing, right?

I had a sample of Pamana that I fell in love with and had to order a large bottle. The other colors fell into my cart and went for a ride. I like the way Vinta Inks label their boxes and bottles.

Beautiful amber glass jars

The top three swatches were from my previous post. I added the new three colors to the swatch page. Look how vibrant the colors are showing in my ink journal!

I almost forgot to include my swatch cards.

Swatches from my current acquisition.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the Vinta Inks brand. They are well behaved inks. I can’t wait to create additional lovely pen & ink sketches with the colors I have.

Inks: Vinta Inks in Pamana, La Paz, Damili, and Leyte

Pens: Glass dip pen, automatic pen, TWSBI GO with Stub 1.1 nib

Journals: Stillman & Birn Beta (art journal) and Stalogy 365 B6 (ink journal)

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