Collecting a Special Sticker

(Wow! Two posts in one day! My pictures are moving through my process and I could not wait to publish this post. Enjoy!)

In a previous post, I had mentioned submitting my artwork for a sticker contest held earlier this year. I had received “honorable mention” for my submission and I have to say I’m really proud of this achievement.

My Pen Chalet sticker! Artwork by moi!

For this artwork, I used exclusive fountain pen inks that were created in collaboration with Pen Chalet and Robert Oster Signature Inks. For each of the colors I used, I felt there was significant meaning behind the names of the colors. I did a bit of research to validate and confirm what I was thinking for my artwork. It also helped that I had spent a few weeks in Arizona many years ago.

Pen Chalet did a fabulous job with recreating my artwork for their sticker collection

For those of you who have made past purchases at Pen Chalet, you can ask them to include this sticker with your next purchase. Just ask for the “Susan-Sedona scene” sticker and mention you saw this on my blog. You might get more than one sticker in your package. Happy shopping!

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