My Writing Samples and Rhodia #16

Here are my 80 sheets of writing samples

I started my journey of documenting my pen, nib, and ink writing samples back in mid-August. Some of you might remember I was looking for a nice green shimmering ink to use for sketching. I had received so many wonderful suggestions and I finally selected Diamine Golden Ivy.

Documenting my Diamine Golden Ivy ink experience

Eventually, I used my writing sample to add and document my ink experiences. For example, if I had an issue with a shimmering ink it would most likely have happened on Day #2 (e.g. clogging the feed). Rarely would I have had a problem by Day #3. If I did, it would get documented along with a solution.

Over time, I expanded my writing samples to include descriptions of the ink color, my fountain pen, or some historical event that occurred. Every now and then, a sketch showed up along with my writing sample.

Now that I have accumulated roughly 80 sheets of paper, what will I do with all these writing samples? I’m thinking of putting them into a disc journal and use for future reference. I know a few of you will ask me about a certain shimmering ink or a specific fountain pen or a nib size and how it writes and I’ll be able to provide a writing sample and/or personal experiences.

Here’s my last sheet of paper from my Rhodia pad used for the lovely Jacques Herbin Vert Atlantide ink.

This ink will definitely stay in rotation. I can’t wait to use it with my Sparkle pen.

Now to go find another pad of paper to start the next journey!

Tip/Personal Experience:

I have several different Rhodia #16 paper pads that come with grids, dots, and of course blank. I prefer using the blank sheets of paper. Grids and dots distract me. Especially, if I don’t draw a straight line on a dot paper. You will see it! Hahaha! Using the blank paper lets me practice my handwriting. I’m not limited to writing small or writing large. The same with my sketches.

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