Day 24: More Blue-Purple Swatches

Today’s Diamine Inkvent color is One More Sleep. This is a standard blue ink. It reminds me of a blue-purple color with cornflower blue and pink underlying colors.

Here is T’s lovely and interesting swatch of this Diamine ink color. I’ve read this ink leans a bit more on the wet side.

I immediately found a few blurple swatches from my collection.

Yes – Grey Seas, Evening Sapphire, and Midnight Sapphire look very similar. Especially when I use use all three in my pen & ink wash sketches. It’s hard to tell them apart.

Grey Seas is a medium blue color while Midnight Sapphire is a dark blue color. Evening Sapphire falls somewhere in between the two other ink colors. It’s more prevalent in my writing on my swatch cards.

I narrowed down the choices to three. Storm and Night Shade are from last year’s calendar. Storm has a lovely golden-green shimmer.

One More Sleep did not make my wish list as I have plenty plenty bottles of blurple ink color.

Ink swatches: Diamine Red Inkvent Storm (shimmers) and Night Shade. Robert Oster Grey Seas, Evening Sapphire, and Midnight Sapphire.

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