Roseate Spoonbill Pink – Anderillium Inks

I enjoy using pinky ink colors in my fountain pens. I tend to lean towards the rosy pink colors for writing and for sketching.

I took my sample vial of Roseate Spoonbill Pink and started to play with this color. As you can imagine, I was a bit surprised to see how bright this pink was.

This pink color is so bright it makes my writing feel bright and cheery on the paper.

I knew I did not have a similar ink color to Roseate Spoonbill, but I went ahead and flipped through my swatch cards to see what colors would come close to this bright pink color. Here are my rosy pink swatches with shimmers compared to the Anderillium ink color.

Roseate Spoonbill Pink has a bright gold sheen.

This Anderillium ink is a bright pink ink color. Almost neon pink. It has a lovely golden yellow sheen. This ink produces a lovely wash of color when used with water.

This color has grown on me. I think this would be beautiful to use as an ink wash for floral artwork. It’s also a nice bright and bold color for writing.

Ink: Anderillium Ink Roseate Spoonbill Pink

Pen: Stainless Steel Kakimori nib in a River City Pen Company nib holder

Papers: Canson Mixed Media. GLP Creations The Author Tomoe River Paper 68gsm

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