Another Favorite Nib Holder

While I’m at it, I thought I would add another nib holder I have from River City Pen Company. This one is called Pink, Green, and White DiamondCast. This is a gorgeous resin with light pastel colors and subtle sparkles. I have a few DiamondCast resin fountain pens that sparkles in any kind of light. It can sometimes be a lovely bit of distraction while writing.

I’m thankful my nib holder has just enough sparkles and does not overpower the pink, green, and white colors in this resin.

My plan is use my stainless steel Kakimori nib in this DiamondCast holder. My brass Kakimori will go in my Barrier Reef nib holder. A review is in the works for these two nibs showing the different writing experiences, what I am using them for, and how well they write.

The nib holder fits well in my hands. The holder looks a bit long in my hand and that is the result of the angle I had to take the picture with my left hand.

I’m happy to say my nib holders (with Kakimori nibs) have replaced my glass dip pens. I disliked the sharp and scratchy glass tips and a bit annoyed how fragile they were.

Now, I’m off to create some inky swatches and try out some new inks.

Nib Holder: Pink, Green, & White DiamondCast by River City Pen Company

Nib: Kakimori Stainless Steel nib

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