Day #20: Pink Ice

Inkvent Day #20: Diamine Pink Ice

Can you hear me squealing with delight? Hahaha!

I’ve mentioned the Diamine labeling system has been very helpful. Look at this label color!

My bottle is chock-full of shimmers. Some of which is stuck to the bottom of my bottle.

This is one lovely pink color! Another favorite from the calendar. Did I mention it is also appropriately named?

Can you see it? All that sparkly stuff? It’s so bright! Even the inside barrel of my TWSBI is covered in sparkles.

Besides the shimmer, there’s a lot of shading with this ink.


My favorite shimmering pink ink is Robert Oster Blood Rose. I think it’s been replaced with this lovely Pink Ice which is definitely brighter. In the following picture, I show my Diamine Red Lustre swatch card for comparison. Pink Ice is not a light weight pink color. It can definitely hold its own.

Pink Ice makes a lovely ink wash. The shimmer for the most part stays in place. I am soooo happy!

Pink Ice is a rosy-pink color ink with icy pink shimmers. How’s that for a description? There is also a bit of red sheen that might be hard to see when competing with all the sparkles. Another favorite ink color that is on my wish list.

Ink: Diamine Pink Ice (shimmer)

Pens: TWSBI Diamond 580 AL in Rose with Stub 1.1 nib. Automatic pen.

Journal: GLP Creations with TRP (68gsm)

Paper: Grumbacher Mixed Media

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