Another Set of Exclusive Inks from Robert Oster

Edit: I’ve added a picture of my final pen and ink sketch below. Enjoy!

Just when I thought I was done with acquiring new inks, Robert Oster comes along and creates some new exciting and exclusive inks. The first set that I blogged about a few days ago was an exclusive trio that included Charred Hickory, Hemp, and Blue River.

From a previous blog post, new exclusive Robert Oster inks from Vanness.

Now, there’s another set of exclusive ink colors that includes some beautiful and saturated colors. The trio of colors are called: Sedona Red, Saguaro Green, and Monsoon Sky.

Here’s the new set of Robert Oster exclusive colors from Pen Chalet.

The colors in this new palette reminds me of my time spent in Arizona many years ago. Unfortunately it was not for vacation time, but for work. I had an opportunity to travel and spend a few weeks with a team of fellow co-workers.

We spent our days and nights working on a project and then we were given time off on the weekend to go exploring. I grabbed my rental car keys and my girlfriends and we headed to Sedona. The red rocks of Sedona took my breath away. I have pictures of my adventure, but unfortunately will have to dig deep into my archives to locate them. For now, my color swatches, writing samples, and artwork will have to suffice.

The new colors are bright and bold.

Swatch cards, writing samples and my Prefountes filled with beautiful ink colors!

The only non-inked art pens I had available were my Prefountes with fine nibs. Sometimes I find it harder to draw with finer nibs and create a good water wash of colors. Here’s my artwork:

Sagauro Green used for the cactus and greenery. Sedona Red for the red rocks. Monsoon Sky used for the sky (of course). I also used RO Thunderstorm and Heart of Gold.

I was surprised at the Monsoon Sky color. The label on the bottle looked like a dark blue color. Once I applied the ink to the paper, I found it leaned more towards a beautiful teal blue color.

My plan is to continue working on my artwork and adding more color especially in the sky. I’ll be back to post a finished version later this week.

Stay safe and have a great day!

Here’s my final Sedona sketch.

Pens: Platinum Prefountes with 03 Fine nibs and TWSBI GOs with Stub 1.1

Inks: Robert Oster Sedona Red, Saguaro Green, Monsoon Sky, Heart of Gold, and Thunderstorm.

Journal: Stillman & Birn Beta

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