That’s the name of my beautiful fountain pen from Franklin-Christoph. I was looking for a pink and turquoise pen and saw this in their Stock Room. For me, the additional colors included in the pen (eggplant, indigo, rose, and teal) are extra bonus colors. I knew I had to act fast when I saw this one and I also knew I wanted another Flex nib. I selected a nib upgrade and went with their HPSteel FLEX Extra Fine nib.

Look at the beautiful colors!

During my research adventure, I had looked at several pens that came in swirls of pink and turquoise colors and even a few sparkly diamond cast resins, but they did not speak to me the way this one did. This beautiful pattern of colors reminded me of rock candies.

Colors used in my sketch: Diamine Enchanted Ocean. Robert Oster Rose Gold Antiqua, Blood Rose, Sydney Lavender, Tokyo Blue Denim, Blue River, and Carbon Blue

You can see how well the colors are distributed in this resin. Other pens I have looked at (especially the swirl resins), the colors are not evenly distributed and sometimes one side of the pen looks better then the other side. Not this one. Even the section is beautiful!

Here’s a close up of the F-C FLEX nib

From my picture, you can see the nib sits a bit further into the section. They call it a recessed nib. From my experience, it does not hinder the writing experience in any way. The other F-C pen model that has this recessed nib is their Model 20. I should mention this Model 31 encompasses some features from their other pen models.

Franklin-Christoph did an exceptional job with their packaging. With this special Flex nib, I received a writing sample from Audrey. With each pen purchase, they included a warranty card that guarantees lifetime warranty against mechanical defect. F-C also included a zippered pen case to protect my pen.

The writing sample from my nib and warranty card signed by Audrey

NOTE: I just looked at their Stock Room and this pen is now sold out. It looks like they will eventually make other pen models with this colorful resin. It’s a matter of waiting patiently. That’s what I had to do. Keep checking their Stock Room.

Pen: Franklin-Christoph Model 31 Omni in Candystone with HPSteel FLEX Extra Fine nib

Ink: Robert Oster Sydney Lavender

Paper: Rhodia

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