Happy Valentine’s Day!

My favorite pink shimmering ink was waiting for it’s turn into my ink rotation. With Valentine’s Day coming up I thought it would be appropriate to use it this weekend. I filled my TWSBI and started writing in my journal. I quickly remembered why this was my favorite pink ink and I decided to do a Valentine sketch for Sunday.

Believe or not this rose was created using one single fountain pen ink color. I patiently created the layers of color and let each layer of color dry on the paper. I used my photo of a rose as a guide and was careful not to overwork the flower with too much color or too much water.

Used my TWSBI to sketch this rose. Love the different shades of pink I created from this single color.

Blood Rose is a beautiful medium pink ink color. The pink shimmering particles is absolutely gorgeous. I love using this ink for writing in my journals and for sketching. It’s a wet ink and creates a lovely ink wash. It’s easy on the eyes and I can actually read what I write in my journals. I have found many pinks to be too light or unsaturated and also a bit on the dry side. This is not the case with Blood Rose. Get a sample and give this beautiful in a try.

Pen: TWSBI Diamond 580 AL Rose with Stub 1.1 nib.

Ink: Robert Oster Shake ‘n Shimmy Blood Rose

Journal: Stillman & Birn Beta

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Stay warm and safe!

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