My First Benu Fountain Pen

I found Benu and Galen Leather under our tree and in person!

Just wanted to say that I have an awesome Hubby. He supports me in all the hobbies I have under my belt. Whether it’s my left brain for building home computers (years ago) and enjoying new gadgets or my right brain that sews masks (currently), puts vinyl designs on coffee cups and water jugs, creates little watercolor paintings for gifts, and “dabbles” in pen and ink. Did you get all that? He supports me and is my cheerleader.

Naturally, he had asked me “what do you want for Christmas”? Only this time, it was a bit earlier than usual to ask. I have to mention. Here and right now. My man does not like to shop. In the stores. When he needs work clothes (works at a nursery/garden center), we go out one day for a few hours and pick out some rugged pants and all weather boots. Try them on. We are done. For the year.

I knew he would need some help and we had plenty of time. I mentioned to him about a Bora Bora pen. I mentioned Galen Leather and I helped him out by placing the orders.

It’s one thing to see pictures of pens and desk accessories and then to know they are in boxes hidden away for several weeks. Hahaha!

Which brings me to the above picture. I did not realize I would be getting a pad of Tomoe River Paper to match my new pen! How cool is that?! Oh yeah, more pictures of the pen…please. Here it is! My Benu Euphoria in Bora Bora!

My first Benu pen. Sitting on the Galen mahogany pen rest.
I think we need a closer look at the colors.

I took the cap off the pen and grabbed my loupe. To check the nib and tines. Yes. I always do that to a new pen. Looked perfect. I did a few scribbles and I could tell the nib would be smooth. I went ahead and grabbed my Col-o-ring ink swatch cards to see which Robert Oster ink would become one with my new pen. Fire and Ice!

I dipped my pen into the bottle and filled the included converter up with ink. Screwed the body into the pen went to add an entry in my Ink Journal and got nothing. On paper. I tried a few scribbles. Nothing. What?!

I grabbed my loupe and checked the tines. I could see “daylight” between the tines. Ummm…that would be good to see when there is no ink in the pen. Not in this case. I just filled this pen and there should be ink in between the tines to suggest flow.

I did notice at the tip of the nib I could not see “daylight”. No space. At all.

A light bulb popped into my head. I went looking for a brass shim that I purchased last year from Goulet. I never had to use it until now. The brass shim is an extremely thin sheet of brass. It’s used to file away metal.

I stuck a small corner of the brass shim in between the tines and gently pulled it towards the tip and then away from the nib. Tried to write a few more squiggles on paper and nothing. I placed the corner of the shim again in between the tines and this time I gently moved the shim up and down towards the tip and moved the shim up and down on the tip once and then away from the nib. That worked brilliantly! I double checked the nib with my loupe and sure enough the space between the tines had ink. I grabbed my Ink Journal and made an entry.

You can see the brass shim on the lower left. Take a look at the upper corner of the shim and you can see marks from where the shim was in contact with my pen’s tines/tip. It really does work!

I was able to write with my new pen and oh it was a joy to see the ink flowing onto my paper. Check out my writing sample.

All I can say is Wow! Another EDC for me! Extremely smooth writing experience.

I think we need a closer look at this beauty.

Love the silver and gold shimmery effect with the turquoise background.

I’m impressed with this Benu pen. It’s lightweight. Comfortable in my hand. Well balanced as I write with it. I’m getting used to not posting my pens. This model can be posted, it just lengthens the pen a bit. I do not notice any imbalance when posted.

This pen is well made. It comes with a converter and a long international ink cartridge. That’s a huge plus for me as I prefer to use long cartridges (when I can) and its huge ink capacity.

The nib. My pen has a Medium nib. A Schmidt nib. It is smooooooth! Hardly any feedback. Unbelievable pen. It’s now my second fave pen. Right behind my Estie OS Sparkle Montana Sapphire. Yeah, I know. Wow!


Using a brass shim. I would use the shim only when needed. It removes metal in a fine manner. That’s why I used it gently. Remember a little bit at a time. To give you an idea, I had no reason to use one until now.

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