Pocket Pens by Kaweco (Eyedropper)

The other day. I was going through a drawer and saw my Pilot Stargazer staring back at me. It’s a black pen and so no ink colors popped into my head. Just in case, I removed my pen from the drawer and placed it on my desk. For future use. It dawned on me I should do a blog post on pocket pens. I thought about the pockets pens I have in my collection. Oh my. Too many to ink up at one time. Because I know you would want to see a writing sample from each pen. I have temporarily put that on my to-do-list after the Holidays and after I clean a dozen more pens currently inked.

I started a post about pocket pens and never finished it. It was about my newly acquired Kawecos (sometime between Fountain Pen Day and Black Friday and Cyber Monday). I have some experience with this brand as I had purchased two AL Sport models in Rose Gold (Fine) and Stonewash Blue (Medium) sometime last year. I enjoyed using the aluminum pens and with the small international cartridges refilled with ink.

My Kaweco AL Sport pens in Rose Gold (F) and Stonewash Blue (EF). The aluminum pens are lightweight and comfortable to write with when posted.

Recently, I saw references to eyedropper versions and of course that meant more ink capacity. That’s a plus for me. The AL or aluminum versions can not be used as an eyedropper pen.

Kaweco has several models of their pocket pens and then several different colors. My research came up with Kaweco Classic Sport, Skyline Sport, Ice Sport and the Frosted Sport. The noted pen models are made of resin and can also be used as an eyedropper pen. A little bit of the dense silicone grease on the section threads and that should work. No. I haven’t tried it yet, but I definitely will.

The Classic Sport pens have a gold trim and gold plated stainless steel nib. The Skyline Sport has chrome trim and stainless steel nib. The Ice Sport has a clear transparent body with transparent colored caps with chrome trim and stainless steel nib. This Ice Sport model reminds me of a demonstrator style pen. The Frosted Sport comes in a “frosted” resin with chrome trim and stainless steel nib. Are you still with me? Or have I lost you? Just remember the Classic and Skyline are similar opaque models. The only difference is the trim and nib color. Classic=gold. Skyline=chrome. Ice=demonstrator-style. Frosted=frosted.

One of my new additions is a US-exclusive pen called Black Crystal. This is a clear transparent pen with black trim and includes a black clip, mini-piston converter, and a box of Pearl Black cartridges. The special black nib has a DLC (Diamond-like Coating) and is suppose to be extremely durable. I snagged the last one from an online shop in an EF nib.

My three Kawecos with ink cartridges and in different size nibs. Oooops! I should have wrote my sample by nib size order.

The extra fine nib has feedback, which I do not mind. As I go up in nib size, there is less feedback and of course, the nibs feel smoother.

I purchased the clear demonstrator-style pens with the intent of using them as an eyedropper pen. To see the ink color. To see how much ink is left in the pen. The Chess or black pen came about as I could not decide which bright color I wanted. In the end I should have chosen the “coconut” color which is semi-transparent. I might just use the black pen with cartridges I can refill.

Here’s a picture to give you an idea of the size in comparison to my TWSBI Vac Mini:

Looks like my TWSBI needs a spa treatment. It’s now in the cleaning bin.

I’m pretty sure everyone who owns a Kaweco Sport pen writes with their pens posted.

The nibs are tiny and looks to be similar size as my TWSBI Vac Mini nib.

I have two Ice Sports arriving before the end of the year. Looks like Kaweco is discontinuing this demonstrator-style pen model. I plan on using them as eyedropper pens as well.


The mini converters are optional or additional $. I have not used the Kaweco converters as they do not hold enough ink to last for a few days. I would use the tiny converter if I was trying out a new ink color or brand that I wasn’t sure about. Or if I had a small vial of ink to use up, the converter would come in handy for this.

Use the short standard international cartridges and refill with your own ink colors. Especially for the aluminum or metal pens that can not be converted to eyedropper pens.

The resin pens are packaged in a narrow cardboard box. The aluminum and exclusive pens are packaged in a metal case. The tin case can hold two Kaweco sport pens or can store your ink cartridges. I’ve also used them to store mini pans of watercolor paints. Lots of reuse for the metal case.

I’m on the fence when it comes to the optional clips. I don’t think they are necessary. I really like the slim looking pens. They usually sit on my desk or in a case. The faceted cap prevents my pens from rolling around.

The Kaweco Sport pens will fit in the front pockets of your denim jeans. That’s how I carry mine around. Remember, the pens are lightweight and sometimes I forget I have the pen in my pocket. So. Remember. To remove them from your pockets. Before washing your jeans.

Okay. One more picture. They’re so cute!

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