A Quick Watercolor Wreath & Inky Prompt

As a result of cleaning out the majority of my TWSBI GOs, I now have four (4) pens inked and they are not the colors I need for a wreath sketch. I may end up doing a monochromatic wreath with the remaining ink colors I have. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I painted a simple watercolor wreath using my Sennelier paint set. I mixed a few colors to get the different variations of green. The more I use this paint set, the more I’m enjoying the properties of this brand of paint. It’s so easy to re-wet the paint pans. The colors are bold and bright. Very little paint goes a long way.

I’m enjoying my sable blend travel brush. I can create fine lines and it does a lovely job with blending colors on my paper. This sable blend holds a decent amount of water/paint and keeps a lovely point. It’s now the brush I reach for most often when creating my watercolor sketches.

Prompt: Sketch a wreath. Here are a few suggestions: greens & berries, Christmas ornaments, floral, candy canes, bows, lights, etc.

Paint: Sennelier Alizarin Crimson, French Vermilion, Ultramarine Deep, Forest Green, and Lemon Yellow.

Brush: Rosemary & Co Pocket Sable Blend with tapered point (R13) from Art Toolkit. This is a size 8 brush.

Journal: Canson Artist Series Watercolor spiral bound A5 (5.5″x8.5″)

Getting My Sketching Mojo Back with a Pumpkin and a Prompt

After eight months of sketching non-stop with my fountain pens and inks, my creativity finally went missing. For the last two months, I was hoping it would come back. It has slowly. I try not to force it. There are some days when I feel as though I should be doing something creative, but all I do is stare at a blank page for a few minutes. Then I would close my art journal and carry on with my other daily activities.

My Graphite Sketch

When I get stuck in a creative rut, I always fall back to sketching with my favorite art medium using graphite pencils. I used my mechanical pencil to sketch out an outline. I used my 2.0mm clutch pencil to create the dark lines and shading. I used my blending tortillon to blend/smudge the graphite onto my paper and to soften the harsh lines.

My Pen & Ink Wash Sketch

A few days later, I created a pen & ink wash sketch of my pumpkin. I used my Copic Multiliner to sketch the outline and also added contour lines to create the darker areas of the pumpkin. I used two fountain pen ink colors Oklahoma City and Steely Days for the pumpkin. For the stem, I used Kansas City and Melon Tea. For the shadow area under the pumpkin, I used Oklahoma City and then dabbed a bit of Thunderstorm and used my water brush to blend out and away.

My Watercolor Sketch

I was toying with the idea of getting back into using my watercolor paints for my artwork. Why not, right? I pulled out my Sennelier watercolor set and enjoyed my time mixing my paint colors. I used mostly a wet on dry technique since the paper I was using could only take light washes. For the last layer, I used a damp brush with my teal paint mix and created a few contour strokes to enhance the shape of my pumpkin.

Challenge: Find a pumpkin to use in your sketches. Use a picture if you can’t find a real or fake pumpkin. Use your pencil to create a graphite sketch. Then use your fountain pens and ink to create the second pumpkin sketch. If you have another art medium available (watercolor, charcoal, pastel, etc) create a third sketch.

My Art Journals:

Leda Art Supply Medium-size (5.7″x8.25″) with graphite pencils.

Stillman & Birn Alpha 7.5″x7.5″ softcover with fountain pen & ink.

hand●book journal co. 5.5″x5.5″ square with watercolor paints.

My Art Mediums:

Graphite – Pentel Energize Pencil with 0.7mm HB lead and Staedtler Clutch Pencil 925 35-20 with 2.0mm HB lead.

Fountain Pens & Inks – TWSBI GOs with Stub 1.1 nibs. Robert Oster Oklahoma City, Steely Days, Kansas City, Melon Tea, and Thunderstorm

Watercolor Mixes: Sennelier French Artists Watercolor Travel Set (12). Lemon Yellow and Sepia to create yellow ochre. Ultramarine Deep and Sepia to create dark brown. Forest Green and Ultramarine Deep to create teal green.

Watercolor Brushes: Escoda 1548 Versatil Series Artist Watercolor Travel size 4 & 6