A Watercolor Sketch of My Palette

I thought it would be a fun project to create a sketch of my watercolor palette that I’m currently using.

I did a blog post a little over a year ago on how I filled my half pans. You can find my post here.

The mixing areas of my palette still looks fairly new. That’s because I enjoy using my porcelain tray to mix my colors in. When I’m at my studio desk, I have a bit more room to accommodate this larger palette and my porcelain mixing tray. I can also create larger pieces of artwork and my mixing tray can hold a bit more paint.

I’ve decided to stick with this one palette for the next week or two and get reacquainted with the paint colors and get my palette a bit dirty. This will help me figure out what colors I want to keep for a scaled down palette of colors for urban sketching.

Palette: Meeden Empty Watercolor Tin Box Palette Paint Case with 24 piece half pans

Paints: Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors (15ml tubes)

Brush: Cheap Joe’s Golden Fleece Synthetic Travel Brush in size 6

Paper: Master’s Touch Fine Art Studio Watercolor 140lb cold press paper in size 6″x8″

2 thoughts on “A Watercolor Sketch of My Palette”

  1. Hello! Sorry for just barging into your blog, but I have a question regarding a swatch you did – for Diamine Garland ink… I just bought it yesterday and I just get a singular turquoise colour. It’s super pretty, sure, but just blue. I have no idea what I am doing wrong, but there isn’t even a hint of that spectacular granulation that everyone is promoting… Did I buy a wrong ink or something?


    1. For shimmering inks, I give my bottle of ink a good shake. I turn it upside down to see if I can get the shimmers sitting at the bottom to move around a bit. Afterwards, I will let the bottle sit for a few minutes to let the inky bubbles die down. I give the bottle one more shake to get the shimmers to move around and then fill my pen.

      With Garland, I had a ton a sheen appear on my swatch with a bit of shimmer. My small Inkvent bottle had a small amount of shimmer.


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