A Lamy Cursive Nib

A few weeks back, I saw on my media feed something about a new Lamy nib arriving. Naturally, I went to investigate what all this chatter was about.

I must say that when I first saw this nib, I thought to myself this was one beautiful and unusual nib. Who could not resist the laser engraved writing on this nib. Most importantly check out the the nib’s unique design.

It’s a black PVD coated steel nib. They are hand shaped and perfectly aligned.

I’ve read this new replacement nib was designed for writing Chinese and Japanese “running script” cursive. The lines it creates is between a Lamy Fine and Extra Fine nibs. Personally, I feel it leans more towards a Lamy Fine nib. I’ll need to write with this nib a bit more and see if my statement is correct. The horizontal strokes are suppose to be a bit wider than the vertical strokes. They definitely are as you can see in my writing sample.

This new Lamy replacement nib came at a perfect time for me. I’ve been bringing my Lamy’s back into my pen rotation and I’ve been enjoying my time with them especially in creating my pen & ink artwork.

Pen: Lamy AL Star Black with Lamy Cursive nib

Ink: Diamine Blue Pearl (shimmering)

Paper: Rhodia

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