Van Dieman’s Ink Morning Frost

I thought I would start the new year with a Van Dieman’s Ink called Morning Frost. It happens to be an appropriate ink color for today as it’s been snowing all morning and into the early afternoon.

There’s plenty of shimmering particulates at the bottom of my bottle. It almost looks milky! I give my bottle a thorough shake to get the shimmers swirling. I wait 30 seconds before dunking my nib and feed into the bottle for a fill.

I have to say this is my favorite gray shimmering ink color to write with. My writing sample is readable.

The shimmering particles are still in my pen. It took a day for it to settle down and flow out of my nib. I can see some shading with this ink.

My swatch shows this ink’s personality the best. Plenty of shimmers show up on my swatch card even when I added a bunch of water. The shimmers stayed in place and did not move to the edge as most shimmering inks do.

Based on my swatch card it appears Morning Frost has a teal-like underlying color. It’s one of those it looks like green undertone, but it’s definitely not blue. There is also a bit of blush undertone when water is added and when I look past all the silvery shimmers.

Besides using this ink color for writing, I enjoy using it for my pen & ink sketches.

Ink: Van Dieman’s Ink Morning Frost (shimmering) from their Tassie Seasons (Winter) ink series

Pen: Conklin Duragraph Exclusive Brushed Titanium with Rose Gold trim and Omniflex nib

Journal: GLP Creations with Tomoe River Paper (68gsm). Stillman & Birn Alpha.

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