An Unfinished House

I started this sketch a few weeks ago and for some reason I had to stop working on it. It’s an unfinished piece that’s been sitting in my journal.

Here is my pencil sketch. This was a rare moment where I remembered to take pictures.

I used my fine line pens to redraw the lines I wanted to keep. I used my eraser to remove the unwanted and stray lines. I left out some of the roof tiles and brick work to let the viewer fill in their own details.

I used the Winter Spice color to fill in some of the roof areas.

I cleaned a few of my GOs and filled them with different ink colors. I’m hoping my mojo for this sketch will come back so I can finish this piece. My fingers are crossed.

Pens: TWSBI GO with Stub 1.1 nib. Copic Multiliner SP in 0.1mm & 0.3mm.

Inks: Robert Oster Thunderstorm. Van Dieman’s Ink Eucalyptus Regnans and Styx Valley Forest Green. Diamine Amaranth, Vintage Copper, Winter Spice, and Storm.

Journal: Stillman & Birn Alpha 5.5″x8.5″

A Garden Table?

Is it a door? Is it a chair? Is it a garden table?

I started with a pencil sketch and drew in the major lines or outlines of the various objects. I used my Copic fine line pen (0.7mm) and went over the main areas I wanted to include in my sketch. I used my Copic fine line pen (0.1mm) to add in some details and also to create some shadows.

By the time I’m finished my initial sketch, I had an idea which ink colors I wanted to use in my final sketch.

I’ve enjoyed using Winter Spice and I’ve had my pen filled with this ink color since last December when I was doing my daily Inkvent marathon of colors. Right now, the ink color is a bit too dark for my current sketching style. It was time to retire this color and clean out my pen. Finally!

It appears I have used too much Winter Spice in my sketch. I went overboard with this color, but look at the amazing green sheen. I should have left a bit more white on the paper. Lessons learned. I can always do another sketch using brighter colors.

Pens: Copic Multiliner SP in 0.1 and 0.7mm. TWSBI GOs with Stub 1.1 nibs.

Inks: Colorverse Brane. Van Dieman’s Ink Morning Frost. Robert Oster Blood Rose, Heart of Gold, and Thunderstorm. Diamine Cocoa Shimmer and Winter Spice.

Journal: Stillman & Birn Alpha Hardcover 4″x6″

My Inky Vials

Here’s a quick pen & ink sketch I created this morning. I’m in the midst of testing out some art papers for a project I’m working on and I drew a blank on what to sketch. I saw a few vials of ink sitting in a small glass jar and I thought this would be something quick and easy to complete.

I was wrong. I sketched the first vial on the left and had to leave to take my mom out and run a few errands. Four hours later I attempted to finish my sketch. My other vials were looking a bit out of proportion.

Did I mention we had lunch at Cava’s and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal? Maybe my happy tummy was making me feel a bit lethargic. Hahaha!

One thing about shooting a picture straight on is the lack of sparkly details. I had to take another picture from a different angle.

Pens: Copic Multiliner SP 0.1mm. Pilot Prera Red with Calligraphy Medium (CM) nib. TWSBI Swipe in Pear Green with Stub 1.1 nib. TWSBI GOs with Stub 1.1 nibs.

Inks: Colorverse Brane. Van Dieman’s Ink Morning Frost. Robert Oster Heart of Gold and Thunderstorm. Diamine Pink Glitz, Cocoa Shimmer, Vintage Copper, and Starlit Sea.

Paper: Hahnemuhle Watercolor Postcards 230g/m (105lbs) 4.1″x5.8″ cold press

My First Pickup Truck Sketch

I was flipping through my sketch journal and came across a truck sketch I had done a few weeks ago. My sketch journal is basically my daily/weekly art diary and so this page was somewhere in between my sketches of buildings. I must have been bored one day and wanted to sketch something different with curves.

I left quite a bit of white space in my sketch. Sometimes less is better.

Pens: Copic Multiliner SP in 0.5mm. TWSBI GOs with Stub 1.1 nibs.

Inks: Van Dieman’s Ink Morning Frost, Eucalyptus Regnans, & Styx Valley Forest Green. Robert Oster Blood Rose & Thunderstorm. Diamine Pink Ice, Amaranth, & Vintage Copper.

Journal: Stillman & Birn Alpha B5 (5.5″ x 8.5″)

A Simple House Sketch

When I saw a picture of a house with an interesting roof tile, I thought it would be too challenging to sketch and so I put the picture in the bottom of my pile to sketch later. Something was telling me to just roll up my sleeve and create the sketch. I often remind myself to push away the negative thoughts and self doubts and just do it. I’m sure I’m not the only that goes through this.

One key point I mention in my pen & ink workshop is not to compare your artistic skills with someone else. Many years ago, I used to struggle with this. I would see a watercolor painting and say to myself I want to paint just like that artist. Weeks later I would struggle, be disappointed, and stop painting.

When I started using fountains pens as a tool to create my artwork, I found an artistic style that was unique to me. With each new challenge I tackled, I gained much more experience and comfort to the way I sketched.

I was taken back at how simple it was to sketch the basic lines. I started with a rough sketch using with my pencil. I used my Copic pens to sketch over my pencil lines and areas I wanted to define. The remaining lines were erased.

The fun part of my sketching process is figuring out what inky colors I will use. I currently have a dozen TWSBI GOs filled with various ink colors. I make sure to have a color variety that includes reds, blues, yellows and other colors that fall in between.

As I apply my ink to paper, I’m constantly reminding myself to leave enough white space (paper). I’m also reminding myself to add darker colors for contrast and to add more depth.

I plan on recreating this sketch within the next three months to see how much my artistic style has changed.

Pens: Copic Multiliner SP 0.7mm and 0.1mm. TWSBI GOs with Stub 1.1 nibs.

Inks: Van Dieman’s Ink Morning Frost. Colorverse Brane (glistening). Robert Oster Thunderstorm. Diamine Vintage Copper and Winter Spice.

Journal: Stillman & Birn Alpha 5.5″ x 8.5″.

Random Sketch of a Wall

It appears I’m going through a shimmery-sparkly ink phase. I noticed most of my art fountain pens are filled with shimmering inks. I have to admit I enjoy seeing the shimmering particles in my sketches and especially when I’m moving my paper around at different angles.

I still have a few Diamine Inkvent inks in my GOs that were filled from last December when I was blogging about the daily ink colors. Yes, three months later and my pens are still writing. One yellow ink color (Candle Light) has slowly become a dislike for me. I felt as though the yellow leaning orange color was not working in my sketches. So that pen finally went into my cleaning bin.

I looked for another yellow color to add to my palette and went with Heart of Gold. This is a lovely and bright shimmering gold ink color. More shimmers!

For the last few weeks, my focus has been sketching buildings and I’m currently experimenting with a few shimmering brown colors that I have in my collection. Winter Spice has been fun to sketch with and leaves behind a lovely combination of green sheen and blue shimmers on my paper. It has a lot of personality for a brown ink.

I went ahead and filled another empty GO with Cocoa Shimmer. This is a lovely warm brown ink color with gold shimmers. A lovely subtle brown color. In my sketch above, I accidentally picked up Winter Spice and used it on the middle section of the wood. When I saw what I had done, I decided to use Cocoa Shimmer for the remaining wooden structure. It will be interesting to see how these two colors work together in my future sketches.

From the picture above you can see I’ve switched to a different journal for this sketch. I was trying out a wire bound Canson sketch journal for an upcoming project I’m working on. So far, it’s working nicely.

Pens: Copic Multiliner SP in 0.7 and 0.1mm. TWSBI GOs with Stub 1.1 nibs.

Inks: Van Dieman’s Ink Morning Frost. Colorverse Brane (Glistening). Robert Oster Heart of Gold and Thunderstorm. Diamine Vintage Copper, Winter Spice, and Cocoa Shimmer.

Journal: Canson Artist Mixed Media 138lb (224g) 5.5″ x 8.5″

A Floral Bouquet

I used to be afraid of putting shimmering inks in my fountain pens and for awhile I was missing out on some gorgeous sparkling ink colors. Now, the shimmers are part of my daily writing in my BUJO and sketching journals. The flowers in my sketch were created with shimmering inks.

My TWSBI Diamond in the middle has been inked with Diamine Pink Ice since December 20, 2021. It’s been writing and sketching flawlessly since then.

I lay my fountain pens flat on my desk or flat in my pen case or flat in my art pouch. The only time I notice a nib (TWSBI GO) is having issues is when the nib has been pointing nib up in my art pouch for a few days. I take a drop or two of water over the nib (breather hole) and give it a good wipe on my damp paper towel and the ink is flowing again. For difficult dried nibs, I might have to repeat this process a few more times as well as write squiggly lines on a piece paper to get the the ink to flow again.

My favorite shimmering inks are Diamine, Jacques Herbin, Van Dieman’s Inks, and Robert Oster.

Image Source: A bouquet of flowers from my Hubby. ūü•į

Pens: TWSBI Diamond 580 AL in Rose with Stub 1.1 nib. TWSBI GOs with Stub 1.1 nibs.

Inks: Van Dieman’s Inks Eucalyptus Regnans and Morning Frost. Diamine Pink Ice, Vintage Copper, Winter Spice, and Storm. Robert Oster Thunderstorm.

Journal: Stillman & Birn Alpha Softbound 5.5″ x 8.5″

How About a Mouse?

I’ve been doing some practice sketches of objects that have curves. I thought my desktop mouse would make a wonderful sketch to show off this Diamine Subzero ink color. It’s a gorgeous metallic shimmering ink and I like how this bright turquoise color appears to pop-off the page.

I think the Subzero turquoise color works well with this lovely dark Storm ink color.

I’m working on getting the perspective right while sketching. I’m seeing some improvements between last year’s sketches and what I’ve been creating this year. Practice, practice, and more practice.

Pen: TWSBI GO with Stub 1.1 nib

Inks: Van Dieman’s Ink Morning Frost. Diamine Storm and Subzero (Red Inkvent). Robert Oster Thunderstorm.

Journal: Stillman & Birn Alpha Hardcover (4″x6″)

Trying My Hand at Sketching a Double Door

I have been following a few artists and seeing lots of door sketches in my social media feed. I thought to myself I should give this a try. This self-inflicted challenge will help me get closer to (and comfortable with) sketching outside.

I picked up my chunky pocket journal and started sketching with my pencil. Once I had the main lines sketched, I went over the lines with my Copic pen. I wanted the doors to be my main focus. I used my Copic pen to add some curves and lines to give an illusion of wooden doors. For the surrounding areas I thought “less was better” and tried not to go into too much detail. Any remaining pencil lines that I could see on my paper were erased.

Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of my initial sketch to share with you. Once I get into my artwork, it’s hard for me to stop and remember to take a picture. I want to fill my paper with lovely inky colors immediately.

When I’m sketching with my fountain pen inks, I use whatever colors are in my TWSBIs. I tend to do my own thing and ignore color themes, color temperatures (warm or cold), and color theory. It makes it so much easier to just go with the flow and use what I currently have.

I have to give a shout out to my Copic pens. I like how they lay down a nice consistent line on my paper. I have not had any issues with this pigment ink smearing. Plus the pen feels good in my hand when I’m sketching and writing.

Pens used: TWSBI GOs with Stub 1.1 nibs. Copic Multiliner SP in 0.1.

Inks: Van Dieman’s Ink Morning Frost and Eucalyptus Regnans. Robert Oster Thunderstorm. Diamine Candle Light, Vintage Copper, and Winter Spice (Red Inkvent).

Journal: Stillman & Birn Alpha Hardcover (4″x6″).

My Pen & Ink Turban Shell

It has been a week since Hubby and I came back from our mini vacation trip to the beach. I did a quick sketch this evening of a sea shell Hubby and I picked up on our trip. It was a black and beige Turban shell that I recreated using blue and gray ink colors.

I’m using a small pocket journal to practice and create my pen and ink sketches. So far it’s been working nicely and I’m able to focus and sketch a single object. I can now stare at a small blank 4″x6″ page versus a larger piece of paper from my A5 journal. Hahaha!

I will be back with another post to include a few beach pictures from our trip.

Pens: TWSBI GOs with Stub 1.1 nibs.

Inks: Van Dieman’s Ink Morning Frost. Diamine Ash and Storm (Inkvent). Robert Oster Thunderstorm.

Journal: Stillman & Birn Alpha Hardcover 4″x6″