Happy Fountain Pen Day!

I’ve been intentionally staying away from my computer today and avoiding the pen sales that are popping up everywhere. That’s why I’m late in wishing my fellow fountain pen friends a Happy Fountain Pen Day!

I thought I would celebrate by sharing a sketch I did from last year. Lovely pens and wonderful writing experiences.

Here’s my currently inked pens. Yes, only three filled with ink. I’m doing well in managing this goal. Easier to clean three pens versus a dozen or more.

I still have a few Van Dieman’s Ink swatches to share with you. When I was playing with my new inks a few weeks ago I took some pictures as a reminder to update my blog. At that same time, my watercolor mojo was found and needed some attention. This is what happens when I have too many fun hobbies fighting for my time in my studio.

I have to say I did spend a few minutes checking out the fountain pen deals. I allowed myself to put one in a cart and then removed it five minutes later. I’m getting good at this. Hahaha!

Hope you are having a fantastic Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

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