Starting My Pen Rotation and a New Ink

I decided to start the month of October with a pen rotation. Normally, I just wait for the pen to run out of ink and then grab another pen to cycle in. I thought the best way to get started was to collect all of my recent EDWs or Every Day Writers from my pen case and desk and put them in my small plastic bin for my upcoming PCD or pen cleaning day later this week.

I mentioned in my previous post that I had several new ink bottles that were sitting on my desk for the last few weeks. This will give me an opportunity to try out the new ink colors and enjoy the writing experiences.

Before I get into one of my new inks, I wanted to show off a gorgeous nib I received recently with my Monteverde pen. I had my eye on this Innova Carbon Fiber Rainbow pen and to my surprise I was able to select a colorful Omniflex nib to go with this pen. This limited edition pen’s trim is called PVD Rainbow.

I remembered I had my Conklin Duragraph Black Matte with Rainbow trim currently sitting in my pen rotation queue. I think the rainbow Omniflex nib would also look stunning in my Conklin pen.

As you can see from the picture, my Monteverde Innova pen has a lot of pink in the rainbow trim. I decided to do a match with a less predominant color and went with something close to a dark teal color like Devil’s Kitchen.

I did not realize how much I enjoyed this Van Dieman’s Ink color until I started to swatch this ink. This is a beautiful wet ink and the teal color is absolutely stunning. This ink produces an amazing amount of shading along with a bit of pink sheen. I know this ink will be a joy to sketch with as it is gorgeous to write with.

Pen: Monteverde 20th Anniversary LE Innova Carbon Fiber Rainbow with Rainbow Omniflex nib

Ink: Van Dieman’s Ink Devil’s Kitchen

Paper: Rhodia

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