Day 4 at the Pen Show

Last night I was looking for my Ink Journal and could not find it. I’m pretty sure the last time I saw it was in the room, but it was no where to be found this morning. Did I accidentally pack it away in my car last night?

Good thing I had another blank journal with me. A different brand, but the page size was the same. I planned on punching “disc” holes later and creating a disc-bound journal so I can swap around the pages and organize them by ink manufacturers.

After an early breakfast and seeing Hubby off (a work day for him), I went back to the ink tables to see if I was missing any ink swatches. I kept walking by this one table that had some interesting ink bottles that I never saw before. I took a seat and looked at the labels on the bottle. They looked like Akkerman ink names. Yes! I grabbed a sheet of leftover paper and wrote the name “Akkerman” for those who will be following behind me and wondering the same.

The Akkerman inks were bold and bright. I noticed my efficient ink swatching process was bogging down. It took me awhile to write out the ink names. Then I noticed most of the bottles had a number on them and so I had to go back write in the numbers in my journal. I stopped swatching long enough to take a selfie.

It was getting late and I still had to pack a few things, drop off my suit case in my car, gather my workshop supply bags, and check out of my room. Whew!

An hour later and back at the pen show venue, I had some time to walk around and take additional pictures.

I was so glad to see an array of Robert Oster Signature ink colors at the Vanness table.

Private Reserve had a table that included the new Infinity line of ink colors. I do not recall seeing any of their new shimmering inks on the table.

Here is Pen Realm:

The crowds were smaller than the day before and I had some time to try a few pens.

I saw the Platinum 3776 Century test pens and decided to do another writing sample. The testing station was missing the UEF and Music pens.

I stopped by Dromgoole’s table and saw a Leonardo Momento Zero Grande in Golden Rule with an Elastic nib. I had to try it out. What a gorgeous pen and nib combination! That pen wrote beautifully across the paper.

I headed towards the back wall and stopped by the Visconti table. I must have had the deer in head lights look and wasn’t sure what I wanted to try. I was handed a Homo Sapien Dark Age with an 18k medium nib to try. OMG! I fell in love with this pen! It was so comfortable to hold in my hand and the grip warmed up nicely in my fingers. This is what fellow Visconti pen-folks were talking about! Now, I know that feeling! That pen has made its way to the top of my list. Sigh!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of this wonderful pen. I do have a writing sample to share:

I made my way to the Esterbrook table and asked about Gena’s Journaler nib. I was given the new Estie Sea Glass pen with the Journaler nib to try out.

This Journaler nib was a wet writer with a smooth writing experience. I might be biased, but I think I prefer the Franklin-Christoph SIG nib. The Journaler nib did not create that “I must have this nib” experience for me.

I made my way back into the small ballroom and spent some time chatting with the exhibitors. Did I mention I really enjoyed my time in this room?

Mythic pens:

Hinze pens:

There was a lot to see at Hinze’s tables. So many wonderful and colorful pens!

At the Devine Island Design table, they were introducing a new pen model at this show:

This dyed Abalone ballpoint pen caught my eye. Apparently if I wanted this Abalone pen, they could convert it into a fountain pen. Something to think about.


Earlier this year, I had purchased a multi-colored Pocket Six pen from Ian. I was glad to see him here in person and showing all his lovely pen colors.

After my workshop was finished, I quickly packed my workshop gear and headed back to the pen show venue one last time.

Many of the Exhibitors had started to take down their exhibits and tables.

Many Exhibitors were still busy with potential customers and last minute sales.

I walked by Stylosuite and Les was still busy with two customers. Les had mentioned that I was his first customer at the start of the show on Friday. Since then he was always busy helping folks find the right flex nib and pen. It did not hurt that I highly recommended his pens/nibs. Les had mentioned to me that he would stay late to help a customer get the right pen.

I made my way out the double glass doors and headed to the garage. I was sad to leave the Pen Show. I had a wonderful time meeting many of the Exhibitors and pen folks sitting at the ink tables. I also made many new friends. There was a lot of learning and sharing of information about fountain pens and inks that weekend. Even Hubby commented and was amazed by the number of Exhibitors on hand and the number of people showing up for this event. He’s an amazing husband and very supportive of my creative adventures. He braved the Saturday crowds to find me a beautiful fountain pen. I could not ask for anything more.

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