A “Swatch” Pen & Ink Sketch

I mentioned before, I try to keep my muscle memory active by creating sketches on a daily basis. Sometimes my mind goes blank as I stare at the blank page of my art journal. It takes a few minutes to look around my studio and eventually an idea will pop into my head. Like creating a sketch of my swatch card.

I started with a basic sketch and filled in the pertinent information like I normally would for a real swatch card.

I actually used an old watercolor paint brush to color in the large swatch area of the sketch. Normally, I prefer to use a fountain pen as I can control where I apply the colors.

My Maiora fountain pen was already inked with Birmingham’s Glassmith ink and it was only appropriate to write with it and then do a sketch of my lovely pen. To complete my sketch and fulfill the odd number theme, I also included my water brush into the mix.

It took me awhile to draw the flecks of blues in my pen onto paper. I used several blue inks and tried to leave some white and lighter blue colors to create some chatoyance from my pen.

Inks: Birmingham Glassmith, Vinta Inks Lucia, Diamine Asa Blue, and Robert Oster Tokyo Blue Denim and Thunderstorm

Pens: Maiora Impronte Posillipo with Medium nib. TWSBI GOs with Stub 1.1 nibs.

Journal: Stillman & Birn Beta

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