Enjoying My Maiora

Yesterday, I received a package from Yafa. It was my replacement cap for my Maiora Impronte OS Posillipo. My pen was headless for almost three weeks.

I took the cap out of the package and immediately examined the inside of the cap. I took a picture to send back to the online pen shop and to also document this experience.

At first, I wasn’t sure if they fixed or repaired my original defective cap. Then I looked at the resin pattern on the cap and noticed it was different than the original. Good thing I took lots of pictures. Here’s a look at my original defective cap:

There is definitely a difference between the two. I am extremely happy to have this issue resolved.

I had intentions of filling my pen with Diamine Aqua Lagoon ink. Too bad I could not get the girthy section of my pen into the narrow opening of the small Diamine bottle of ink. That was a first for me!

I shifted gears and flipped through my recent ink cards I just swatched and came up with Birmingham Pen Company’s Glassmith ink. It turned out to be a perfect match.

Glassmith is a beautiful turquoise ink with lots of shading and a tiny bit of pink sheen. It’s listed as a “Crisp” ink on Birmingham’s website and suppose to minimize feathering and bleeding on most papers. When I read that I assumed it would lean towards a dry ink. It is not. It’s a nice wet ink which I enjoy using.

I spent some quality time with my lovely pen and enjoyed this pen and ink combination.

The replacement cap fits nicely on my pen and the tip of the nib is not rubbing against anything inside the cap. One of the major issues I had with my original defective cap was a hole where the clip was attached. The air was getting inside the cap and drying out the nib and feed. The next morning I would have hard starts while trying to write with the pen. The replacement cap appears to be well sealed. I left the pen on my desk overnight and did not have any issues this morning.

All is good in my fountain pen world.

Pen: Maiora Impronte OS Posillipo with JoWo #6 Fine nib

Ink: Birmingham Pen Company Smithglass

Paper: GLP Creations journal with Tomoe River Paper (68gsm)

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