Watercolor Ramblings and What’s on My Fountain Pen Radar

I’ve been busy creating a few watercolor sketches. Practicing different techniques and learning to control my mixtures of water and pigment and using different paper brands (100% cotton). I’m also using and trying out different paint brushes. Learning about the different synthetic hair blends and which ones hold more water and which ones hold a really nice point. It’s been crazy fun for me.

For several years, I have used Cheap Joes Golden Fleece brushes and got myself into a “groove” with these brushes. Okay, let’s call it a comfortable habit with using my Golden Fleece brushes. Now that I have blocks of time to devote to watercolor painting and experimenting, I’m finding I need a few different brushes to handle my painting needs and requirements. I am almost finished with my research and will share my findings in my future blog posts.

I have a few fountain pen related items that will be showing up over the next few days, weeks and possibly months. First, I’ve been asked to provide a review on some new fountain pen paper. I believe they are new as I have not heard the name before. I’m also trying out two (new to me) independent pen manufacturers. I’m also waiting to receive a purple Diamondcast pen that I pre-ordered. I also have another automatic pen arriving in the correct size for my ink swatching and to use for a future calligraphy font I wanted to try. Whew!

Colors in my custom pen order
Swatch cards that may or may not represent my purple Diamondcast pen

More product reviews are in the works. I just have to remember to take the pictures!

Stay tuned!

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