More Pen and Ink Wash – Exclusive Inks from Robert Oster

I had a busy and productive weekend. I was able to spend some quality time sketching with my favorite fountain pens and inks.

Looks like I’m still in the tropical/ocean/beach mood. At least for the month of January.

Using the latest Robert Oster fountain pen ink colors

I was able to fill a page in my art journal. For the hermit crab I used Robert Oster Charred Hickory and Melon Tea for the shell and body and Thunderstorm for the shadows. For the whale, I used RO Hemp. For the shells, I used RO Blue River and Thunderstorm for the shadows.

Using a single ink color I can create some unique depths of color when I apply water using my water brush.

For the whale, I applied a first layer of ink color around the whale and then take my water brush to blend the ink on the paper. I continued to add additional layers of color letting each layer dry. For the darker areas, I added more layers of color.

Pens: Platinum Preppy (Carbon ink) and TWSBI GOs with stub 1.1

Tools: Pentel Water Brush small

Inks: Robert Oster Charred Hickory, Melon Tea, Hemp, Blue River, and Thunderstorm

Journal: Stillman & Birn Beta

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