Quick Sketches

A quick sketch (pen and ink) in my Stalogy journal

It’s raining outside and so I had to turn on my natural light lamp to brighten my studio a bit. I do enjoy listening to the rain and the steady drops of water hitting the roof, trees and plants outside. It would be a great day to lounge and read some art books (to entertain my right brain) or go find my Raspberry Pi book (exercise my left brain) that I’ve misplaced. Will do that after this post.

I was sorting through some photos and thought this would be a good day for something art-related. Like share some sketches I’ve done over the past few weeks.

We had a special rose bush that was still blooming into late October. I had cut a few roses to bring into my studio. Who doesn’t like the sweet rose scent filling a room? Then I started to sketch

Here was the setup on my desk:

A rose sketch using graphite

Sometimes I will wander outside and do a quick sketch:

We have this tree that has an unusual trunk. Graphite.

It wasn’t until mid-summer of this year that I started using shimmering fountain pen inks. I was hooked. I did a few sketches with the shimmering ink and loved the results.

Can you see the shimmers in my pen and ink sketch?

Then I stumbled upon the world of metallic watercolor paints. Oh my! So grateful that Daniel Smith carried tubes and in such beautiful colors.

Here are three metallic colors I have layered on top of my regular watercolor painting. Cool, huh?

I am having too much fun! I have to be careful with the metallics and not go overboard or overwork my paintings.

Enjoy your day!

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